20,000 new construction workers needed in Queensland

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SolarReserve is reportedly looking for a new location in Australia to build several solar thermal stations, each of which generates enough electricity for 90,000 homes. Each thermal plant will require 4000 new construction workers, potentially creating up to 20,000 new construction jobs in Queensland.


Solar power round the clock

SolarReserve util
ises an advanced solar thermal energy storage technology, enabling stable power delivery without the need for costly fossil fuels. By utilising the power of the sun, SolarReserve provides a viable solution for reliable, emissions-free electric power, that is available 24/7.


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The global demand for renewable energy generation is expected to grow by 45% over the next few years, requiring an additional estimated investment of US $1.1 trillion dollars.

SolarReserve is a leading global developer of utility-scale solar power projects and their investment not only brings thousands of new construction jobs, but new technology suited to the Australian climate. Find out more about construction jobs in Queensland. 





Key features:

The Molten salt is circulated through highly specialized piping in the receiver during the day and stored at 1050⁰F (566⁰C) until electricity is needed – day or night, whether or not the sun is shining. The salt uses an environmentally friendly mixture of sodium nitrate and potassium nitrate, which will be utilised as fertilizer when the plant is decommissioned.



Storage enables solar thermal power plants to operate just like a conventional fossil fuel or nuclear power plant, without the associated harmful emissions and any fuel costs. Storage also allows the facility to produce more than twice as much net annual output (megawatt hours) than any other solar technology.


The company is seeking government support for the first plant, possibly through a long-term supply agreement, or a North Australian Infrastructure Facility (NAIF) loan. Visit our website and find more construction jobs. 



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