3 questions you can expect in an interview

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According to online job portal, Seek, there are 3 questions which managers should be asking when interviewing potential candidates.


Managers hire on personality, skills and most importantly knowledge. As a candidate, you can significantly improve your chances of getting offered a position, by having the foresight to know what questions to expect.

The 3 questions you can expect in an interview according to Seek are:

1. Tell me about a time when you contributed to the success of your team.

2. Tell me about your biggest achievement.

3. tell me a time when you had to change your communication style for a given situation.

We can help improve your chances of getting offered a position, as many candidates
give great answers, but few ask great questions.



Listen carefully and ask insightful questions

Remember, attending an interview is your big chance to showcase your skills and experience. The more effort you put into your preparation, the more success you will see in receiving job offers. In preparation for the big day, here are a few examples of interview questions to ask.


  • Why is the role available?
  • What would my responsibilities be?
  • Does the role require travel or relocation?
  • What is the company's outlook regarding stability and growth?
  • Is there potential for professional development within the company or its divisions?
  • Moreover, remember to thank your interviewer and ask, “What are the next steps in the interview process?”


We have given you a few brief examples of the type of question you could ask when being interviewed. You will have a greater chance of success by being genuinely interested and asking questions that show you have thoroughly researched the company and position. Read more interview tips here. 




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