3 reasons why a recruitment specialist can help you land that job

Posted by Design & Construct on 25 Sep 2017, 09:17:13

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Design and Construct aim to do more than just talk the talk. With us, you will be able to walk straight into that job, and here are a few reasons why we believe this.

If you are a concreter, you might tell us that you need more ‘concrete evidence’ than just the line above. If you are in the architecture, engineering or even construction industry, you will most likely still agree that, pun aside, the statement does in fact ring true. Providing our candidates with the right job opportunities is something we as expert recruiters take very seriously. Here are 3 reasons why you should choose Design and Construct to help you land that ideal role.

  1. Not only specialised, but personalised

As a recruitment agency specialising in jobs ranging from the construction industry to architectural practices, we understand that just as each advertised role has specific requirements, so too do you as the candidate. You have unique skills, values and goals, and it is our job to link you with the right position based on your needs. Our specialised recruiters at Design and Construct will abandon the cookie-cutter approach and personalise your entire process. We don’t just stop at the titles on your resume, we aim to get to know you in order to ensure that you are connected with the role that fits you best.

We won’t simply record your details and lock them away, we will take you through the process step by step to get you where you want to be; with access to our resource centre, career advice, unique interview tips and techniques. At Design and Construct we focus on nurturing our relationship with you first to completely personalise your experience.

We strive to provide you with ample job resources, for an example check out these Top three phone interview tips.

2. Jobseeker flexibility

The job-searching game has been revolutionised with the rise of the net, and recruitment has subsequently had to step up to meet the 24/7 accessibility expected by jobseekers. Our careers portal is designed to mirror the needs of the modern candidate. Jobseekers rate location as very important in job advertising, and this is one of the first pieces of information you will see when scanning the portal. Mobile optimisation is also highly valued in today’s society, so we work on creating a search process with the ease of navigation required by you - making your experience more efficient and effective.

3. Connectedness

When jobseekers use a recruitment company, they ultimately want access to a greater pool of jobs through a recruiter’s established connections to employers. If we promised just this to you, we would be like every other recruiter out there. What sets us apart is focussing on our ‘connectors’: providing our recruitment specialists with the best set of tools to get you to where you want to be. In a recent interview with Bullhorn.com, our Managing Director, Ephram Stephenson explained that “developing a world-class internal training program has been instrumental in recruiting and cross-training architects, mechanical designers or project engineers to become recruiters”. With this wealth of knowledge, our recruiters are field specialists with the expertise in finding the job that will match your needs.

If these reasons have you feeling inspired, have a closer look at our Jobseeker page or call us on 1300 365 078. You might just find a door opening you didn’t see before.