3 tips on how a recruiter can maximise performance

Posted by Design & Construct on 27-Mar-2017 10:14:27

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In a recent infographic by online career portal Indeed, they reveal what they really think about recruiters. Interestingly, 60% of Australians reported that they had never used the services of a recruitment company to find a job.



The three main reasons why candidates did not use the services of a recruitment company are:

  1. Recruiters were more interested in commission rather than the candidate
  2. Candidates were treated as numbers, rather than an individual
  3. Recruiters were dismissive


Sound familiar?

Alarmingly, only 29% of candidates indicated that they could see the benefits of using a recruitment company.

79% of candidates also reported that they had trouble understanding recruiter job adverts and 41% felt that recruiters were not genuine. 

It is sometimes hard to be proactive instead of being reactive, and especially in the HR and Recruitment spaces - Read our last article. However, these negative perceptions can be easily overcome by simply treating candidates in the same way that they would treat clients.


The future of recruitment

The good news for consultants is that 61% of candidates stated that they would use the services of a recruitment company to find their next job. Everyone needs a little help once in a while.

Here are 3 tips on how to maximise performance and help reinforce your future as a professional recruitment specialist.



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step 1: Widen your candidate network and operate without bias

Increase the diversity of your candidate talent pool by embracing all social media platforms and channels of communication.

Re-evaluate your job adverts and the language you currently, use to enable the targeting of a broader audience. Strive to engage candidates with diverse skills, knowledge and or multi-market backgrounds.


step 2: Expand your friend's network

Think like a consultant! Expand your social networks and think of friends who were great employees at their previous or present company. You can do this by using your contacts to endorse you with verbal referrals and online recommendations.

Call every candidate; maybe they know someone who would be the perfect fit for the role you are currently
looking to fill?

Start a referral reward scheme like Design and Construct to show your appreciation.


Step 3: practice the most important business element - the human element

Get Personal, reach out to your talent pool. Why?

Communication via text and email is efficient, but it cannot replace the human element of interacting with people. Demonstrating empathy and treating candidates as individuals, will help you develop long-term relationships within your network, enabling trust and facilitating diversity.



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