6000 new construction jobs in Victoria

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John Holland and CPB Contractors have been selected as the preferred contractor by the Victorian government to construct the West Gate Tunnel Project.  

Two construction giants deliver 6000 new construction jobs in Victoria



Premier Daniel Andrews announced the decision following an extensive design selection process. The 50:50 joint venture, between the two construction giants, will build a four kilometre tunnel, which is hoped will help reduce congestion and travel times for those travelling at peak times.

Up to 6,000 new construction jobs, along with 500 new apprenticeships, will be created to help build the two three-lane tunnels, second river crossing and new freeway.



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The urban design project will deliver a freeway that embraces Melbourne’s heritage and will feature with open spaces, new bridges and pedestrian paths, which enhances road safety for cyclists and walkers. The government are also set to have a 24/7 truck ban, which is a massive boost for safety, air and noise pollution.

The project will commence construction in 2018, once the Environment Effects Statement (EES) process has been carried out. This will assess and report any potential environmental, social, economic and planning impacts of the project. Find out more construction projects in Victoria. 




“By giving trucks an alternative route through the West Gate Tunnel, we can introduce long-awaited 24/7 truck bans on streets in the inner west, while slashing congestion on the West Gate and local roads,” said Minister for Roads Luke Donnellan.


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