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Posted by Design & Construct on 13-Mar-2017 11:14:14

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SEEK, the online job portal has recently revealed the advertised top five high paying industries and jobs in Australia.

The nation’s top 5 paying industries are:


  1. Mining, resources and energy with a mean salary of AUD $115,005
  2. Consulting and strategy with a mean salary of AUD $108,471
  3. Construction with a mean salary of AUD $106,693
  4. Engineering with a mean salary of AUD $103,247
  5. IT and communications with a mean salary of AUD $102,548


The nation’s top paying jobs:

  1. Architects: AUD $137,707
  2. Managers - engineering: AUD $133,530
  3. Managers - mining, resources and energy: AUD $133,169
  4. Managers - IT and communications: AUD $129,903
  5. GP - healthcare and medical: AUD $129,635




According to SEEK, two thirds of Australians have a family member who is dissatisfied with their job. They have also reported that almost 43% of the workforce in Australia are considering a career change.



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SEEK research also uncovered the age and number of times Australian workers had made career changes. Learn more about our career advice for 2017.


The age of Australian workers when they made a career change:

  • 78% aged between 55 to 64 years 
  • 62% aged between 35 to 54 years 
  • 43% aged between 18 to 34 years


The number of times Austrian workers changed careers:

  • 38% of Australians made one career change
  • 29% two career changes
  • 33% made three career changes



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