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Could Your Facebook Page be Preventing You from Getting a Job?

In 2018, we are increasingly conducting our lives online. Approximately 50% of the Australian population logs into Facebook every single day. 9 million people are active on Instagram – the fastest growing social network – while 4 million Australians use Snapchat daily (source). With such high rates of use, it is natural that social media permeates through all areas of our life – including our work life. However, job seekers often fail to realise that their social media accounts can absolutely help or hinder their success.

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Create, don't speculate - Choose your career in Mechanical Engineering

In the world, seen as a Global Village, prolonged instability of the financial market, causes shocks throughout the world’s economies, leaving the vast majority of securities, cryptocurrencies, real estate and other kinds of investors rolling in the failure of the digitalised financial resources gone worthless. Alongside them, other industries suffer. Past decade was the lavish display of all we just mentioned.

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