10 Company Qualities The Best Employees Look For From An Employer

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The worldwide workforce has gone through a change. In the last five years, employers have put more emphasis on finding ideal candidates for positions. At Design & Construct, we work with top companies in the design and construction industry. We help them find the best of the best for every position, including top engineers and architects.

10 company qualities

In most cases, the best employees are already employed. They're not actively looking to leave their position, but if they were given the right incentives they would gladly seek new opportunities.


The trick for employers is to know what prospects are looking for from companies.

Often, salary and benefits are only part of the equation. The best employees are looking for proper compensation, but they also want more from companies. The best employees are smart enough to know that other qualities besides money can add up to a higher quality of life.


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Make no mistake about the reality of the workforce today.The power today rests with the best employees. If you want your business to succeed you need great people on your team.


Here are ten of the qualities the best employees look for from an employer.


1. Stability

Once people get comfortable with life they generally dislike change. Unless something is causing pain and suffering we like to stick with what we know. Stability gives us a feeling of control for what is in store for us in the future.

As an employer, you can offer stability in a few ways to employees and jobseekers.

First, if you can show that your company has been stable in terms of performance. It's a sign to people that life doesn't get thrown off its current path. Sure, there will always be bumps in the road, but a strong history of steady success is a great asset when looking for new employees.

Second, internal movement by current employees can be used to your advantage. You can show that there is opportunity (more on this below) for employees to move up in the company if performance warrants it.

Third, steady increases in pay and steady benefits are good indicators of a healthy company especially if those items stay consistent during poor economic conditions.

These are all ways you can appeal to the best employees. They want to know that if they commit they can count on a job for a long time.


2. Security

Security is a sidebar from stability.

Job security is an overused buzzword in the workforce, but the phrase has become a cliché over the years because people do place high importance on being secure in how they provide for themselves and for their family.

A company with a history of being steady with hiring and firing is another good sign to employees. They will understand that you need to let some people go, but a history of layoffs shows the potential for big changes in the future.

The trick for you is to figure out how to keep employees motivated while giving them a sense of security in having a job each day when they arrive for work.

Companies with hostile work environments that see employees unsure each day if they will be fired does not foster productivity.


3. Reliability


There are a lot of charlatans in the work. We've all met them. blog_company_qualities.jpg
They promise the world and never deliver on those promises.

When charlatans aren't stealing money they're stealing time.

The best employees understand that time is the most important asset in life. We all have a limited supply and doing the best we can with that time is an absolute priority.

What this means is that employees want to know that your company and its employees can deliver on promises. This doesn't mean you need to promise the world. It means you need to show a history of setting and achieving goals.


4. Opportunity


We mentioned opportunity to advance as part of stability, but it's worth mentioning again and going into more detail.

The best employees in the world are looking to make the most of their careers. They want to be challenged. They want to be part of special projects. They want to make a difference.

Opportunity will mean advancing from manager to director to CEO for some of the best employees, but for others it will be the opportunity to work on projects within the company. It will be the opportunity to lead projects and guide the business into the future.

When creating job descriptions, share stories of how current employees have had opportunities to do various things within the company. Prospective employees want to see opportunity for professional and personal growth.


5. Involved


Involved has a few different layers.

First, employees want to see that a company is involved in creating a company culture. A company that invests in its culture and its people is a company that understands the importance of a good working environment.

Second, employees want to know that everyone at every level of the company will be involved in making the company successful. This could mean making sure that immediate supervisors and bosses are involved in creating opportunity for employees.

Third, community involvement is another positive for your company when reaching out to prospects. People like when companies are involved in more than just making profit.


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6. Strong Core Values and Beliefs

We all have things we believe in – family, success, love, etc.

Companies are doing business, but at the end of the day the company is still made of people and people like to be surrounding by others with similar core values and beliefs.

Know what your company stands for and what its goals are for the future. Share these with prospects. When you find people that share your values you know you've found someone that can potentially be a great company for the long-term.

Core values are the type of things that drive decisions. When employees know that a company's leaders make decisions based on core values a trust is developed. There is stability in the decision making process.


7. Flexibility

People are busier than ever today. There are more stresses today than there have been in past years.

Blog_companies_quality.jpgEmployees like to be involved with family. Working-age people are taking care of their parents and their kids. Things can go wrong and do go wrong and while it's unfortunate it is a reality.

People want to know that there is flexibility with the job so they can take a call or schedule and appointment without a bunch of red tape to work through.

Employees also want to know if it's possible to work from home. Even if they can work from home on some days it's a nice perk to be able to offer prospects. This is another item that can push a company over the top if salary is not entirely competitive.


 8. Culture


We've touched on culture earlier in this article. We've also written about it in previous articles.

People understand that culture is hugely important to their future happiness and success.

Culture is more than just taking employees out to dinner or for drinks. It's about more than having office parties and things like that.

Culture is what you stand for as a company. Culture is what individuals within your company care about in life and how they view the world.

You're not looking for everyone to be the same, but you want everyone to buy into the same company vision. You want the vision people have for their lives to align with the company vision.


9. Goals


Successful people are goal-oriented. If you want successful people on your team you'll need to allow them to set personal goals. They'll also want to see that your company has goals for the future.

Goals come with a balance. As a business leader you know this. You set goals that are a bit over the top, but not out of the question.

This goes back to the idea of knowing how much you can promise while keeping that promise. Your employees want to know that you're pushing yourself and everyone on the team to achieve something great in the future.


10. Integrity


Finally, integrity is a word that gets mentioned often.

The word itself can have a very general meaning, but I'm sure we can all think of a person in our life that has integrity.

Those people are ones that know what they stand for and they hold themselves to a high standard. They're self-motivated to be a good person.

Not having integrity can lead to a lack of all the things mentioned above. Companies that get into trouble with the law or other authorities usually lack integrity on some level.

Smart employees know that signs of integrity mean a workplace where employees are respected and trusted.


Next Steps: Redefine Your Offer


Now that you have insight into what the best employees in the world are looking for you can start to define your offer.

A job description is about more than just what the employee will be doing. You want to really sell the employee on your company. Use each of the items above to appeal to the things the best employees want from an employer. It will make your search much easier.


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