10 Shortcuts For Going Through Resumes In Record Time

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Going through resumes doesn't need to be labor-intensive. In fact, there are many efficient ways of eliminating candidates without having to read their resumes word-for-word.

If you want to process more resumes in less time, here are several strategies you can implement.

1. Set Aside Time To Do It

First, make some time in your schedule to go through the stack of resumes. You may require several hours or even several work days depending on how many applications you received.

However, you'll be able to go through them rather quickly if you do the following things first.

2. Check Spelling And Grammar

Before doing anything else, check to see if the prospective employee's resume has any spelling or grammatical errors.

Minor errors may not indicate laziness or sloppiness on the part of the applicant, but a good candidate will typically have an otherwise immaculate resume. They will have given significant attention to detail, and that is an important quality to look for in a good hire.

3. Check For A Cover Letter

Some candidates will have a rather general looking cover letter, and others - particularly unqualified applicants - won't even go to the trouble of submitting one.

Unless prospective employees submit a cover letter (especially if you've requested it) detailing their experience and interest in the job, they probably won't make for good workers.

4. Look For Educational Qualifications

Does the applicant qualify for the position? Do they meet the necessary educational requirements? If not, you can move on to the next resume.

5. Read The Applicant's Objective

The applicant's objective should be clear and specific. If you asked for a cover letter, it should be included in the body of the text. If not, it should be clearly marked on the resume.

If a candidate's objective is too general and non-specific, you can move on to the next.

6. Look For Summaries Of Qualifications And Experience

What experience and qualifications does the prospective employee have?

Check to make sure that they have provided summaries of their qualifications and job experience. If they haven't provided a short descriptions for the work they've done, they may not want to reveal too many details regarding that position.

7. Scan For Keywords

Did the candidate use relevant keywords that were included in the job description?

If not, it is likely that they didn't actually take the time to understand what the job will require of them.

8. Review Recent Employment

10 Shortcuts For Going Through Resumes In Record TimeCheck to make sure that the candidate doesn't have longer, unexplained periods of unemployment.

Preferably, they should be employed at present.

9. Telephone Screen Potential Candidates

If applicants have passed the resume test, give them a call and assess how well they would fit with company culture. You will likely be able to eliminate more candidates at this stage.

10. Schedule An Interview

Finally, for candidates that passed the telephone screen, schedule a time for an in-person interview.

By this time, you will have narrowed your options considerably. Applicants that have made it this far should be well-suited to the position you are hiring for.


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