3 Challenges Facing Construction Companies And Hiring Today

Posted by Design & Construct on 24-Oct-2014 14:45:08

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Hiring isn't necessarily a straightforward process. Bad hires can lead to unwanted expenses - both financial and relational - that can usually be avoided.

It's important to qualify prospective employees and to have systems that enable you to find the types of workers that are right for your business. This will help you to curtail potential hiring mistakes and resulting consequences.

However, there are other challenges facing construction companies and hiring today. Let's explore some of these points together, and learn how to find good employees, even in these fast-changing times.

1. Finding Quality Workers

It can be challenging to find workers that have the right mix of quality traits, from work ethic and reliability to talent and expertise.

As you continue to optimise your hiring process, you should be able to attract more quality workers and reduce or eliminate bad hires.

In addition, here are several other tips to help you find the perfect candidates:

  • Seek out instructors at technical colleges and trade schools and identify standout students with their help.
  • Invest in the ongoing training of your employees.
  • Check their references.
  • Show appreciation for your workers.
  • Ensure that your wages are competitive.

2. Economic Challenges

3 Challenges Facing Construction Companies And Hiring TodayThe Australian construction sector - as well as the economy - has been in flux for some time.

From transport to housing to the mining industry, there is no question that there have been many changes.

For example, some experts have been speculating that if the housing market is indeed booming, there will also inevitably be a bust. A surplus in supply could lead to a decrease in home prices.

Chinese interest in Australia could also fluctuate based on consumer spending, as they want to see more growth in household spending.

3. Regulation Challenges

There are many changes taking place with regards to regulations and codes in Australia that pertain to the construction industry.

New safety measures should make jobsites better working environments. However, some acts or codes are also facing significant opposition, and haven't necessarily been implemented yet.

Even so, the future success of the industry is of interest to most parties involved, and that should ensure forward progress.


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