3 figures that promote architect recruitment

Posted by Design & Construct on 07-Jul-2015 01:32:44

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Architects will play a critical role in helping Australia develop innovative and dynamic infrastructure for the future. Involved from the initial stages of a construction project, these individuals ensure that regulations and legislation is met, design needs of the clients are realised and the building can add

real value to the rest of the community.

Without architects and their design skills, Australia wouldn't be the country that it is today.

Without architects and their design skills, Australia wouldn't be the country that it is today. However, as we move through another trend of new infrastructure, these candidates will become even more important our economy.

With this in mind, here are three figures that promote the cause of architects.

1) 19,414

This is the number of new dwelling approvals across the country, according to the Housing Industry Association. In a media statement, the group noted that new housing approvals remain at high levels and recorded the third highest monthly total on record in May - up 2.4 per cent on April.

The results of three states in particular are a good marker for architects looking for employment in the near future. Dwelling approvals increased 11 per cent in Victoria, 8.8 per cent in New South Wales and 3.6 per cent in Queensland. 

New housing will provide Australia with many job opportunities.New housing will provide Australia with many job opportunities.

2) 1,958

This number represents an example of what will become more commonplace over the coming years for architects. In late May, 1,958 new apartments were announced across seven brand-new towers in South Melbourne, Port Melbourne and Southbank.

As well as the apartments, there will be a supermarket and retail space included across the development. As more people wish to live and work in Australia's growing urban areas, building apartment towers near or in the CBD becomes a smart option.

Similar developments are also planned for Brisbane, Sydney and Perth in the coming years to help each population stress on existing infrastructure.

3) 23

According to the Department of Employment, the number of new registered architects in NSW fell 23 per cent over the five years prior to 2013. In the 2012-2013 financial year, there were only 164 new architects compared to the average of 214 since 2008. This only highlights the importance of hiring and retaining quality talent.

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