3 qualities of a refrigeration/air-conditioning technician

Posted by Design & Construct on 10-Jun-2015 01:38:59

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One of the few careers to improve after the 2008-2009 economic recession is refrigeration/air-conditioning technician. These individuals are always in demand and their unique skill sets are perfect in a range of circumstances.

Refrigeration/air-conditioning technicians not only install these systems, but also play a vital role in servicing and maintaining them to ensure they are always operating up to standard.

According to PayScale, these individuals earn an average of $27.23 per hour. However, as experience improves, so does this figure.

With these figures in mind, it is important for candidates and businesses themselves to know what they are looking for. As such, we've compiled a list of the top three qualities.

1) In-depth knowledge

Refrigeration/air-conditioning technicians require a high level of knowledge in key areas. This includes mechanical, electrical, gas systems, atmospheric pressure and temperature.

Not only does this help with installing appliances properly, it ensures that workers will be able to find different faults if necessary. Both refrigeration and air-conditioning units emit dangerous levels of carbon monoxide if left faulty so key insight into all systems and areas is required from candidates. A relevant qualification or significant industry experience should suffice as evidence.

Air conditioning systems must be installed correctly.Air conditioning systems must be installed correctly.


2) Plan interpretation

Another important quality for refrigeration/air-conditioning technicians is the ability to interpret building plans. Often working in small measurements, the installation of appliances needs to be perfect. Additionally, if further investigation of a faulty product is needed, individuals might be needed to study and research old building plans to pinpoint where the problem is located.

Often working in small measurements, the installation of appliances needs to be perfect.

Plan interpretation also relates to working with other building professionals and homeowners to find the best location for a unit based on their current requirements and confirmed plans. This highlights a requirement to work well as part of a team and have an ability to problem solve on the go.



3) Confidence

To become a quality refrigeration/air-conditioning technician, candidates will need to be confident in their own ability. These individuals often work in adverse conditions whether dusty, dirty, hot or cold in unique locations such as on ladders or in confined spaces. While training can set the platform for safe practice, technicians can only gain confidence in these areas through on the job experience.

This means that technicians have to be able to work under pressure - while still operating professionally and safely.

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