3 skills project managers will need in 2016

Posted by Design & Construct on 08-Jan-2016 06:38:28

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There is no doubt that having a strong project manager on board is vital for the success of any initiative, large or small, across the construction industry in Australia. 

According to the Project Management Institute's forecast, there will be over 74,900 new roles created in this field by 2020, creating immense opportunities for project management. However, in order to secure these vacancies, it is important to prepare yourself with the right knowledge and skills in demand for the modern age of construction. 

There will be over 74,900 new roles created in project management by 2020.

Here are three key areas to brush up on as we move into 2016. 

1) The ability to execute strategy

Following the release of the National Science and Innovation Agenda, the Australian Institute of Project Management (AIPM) welcomed the changes to spur creativity and to build a more competitive country. 

Leh Simonelli, chair of the AIPM, explained the key role that project managers play in realising plans and outcomes.

"Project management is the enabler between a good strategy and delivering positive outcomes" he said. "That is why having a certified project manager assisting to guide the implementation of strategies has proven to be crucial."

Citing research from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the AIPM stated that 80 per cent of successful projects are helmed by a certified professional, which shows the immense value of formal training and education in achieving the desired outcomes.


2) Appealing to growing demand

In a market demanding high-quality construction work, there are some important considerations to make before entering into new projects. 

According to the increased need for sustainable living, further developments in technology, increasing challenges to acquiring capital and a more globalised market. In order to support energy needs, Accenture also stated that the energy sector will require more infrastructure to support new methods of production and population demand. 

Project managers will have a lot to consider in 2016.
Project managers will have a lot to consider in 2016.

As such, project managers need to gain the required insight and knowledge into these specific areas to operate successfully on a national and global stage.

For companies, the battle to acquire the right talent for upcoming projects will also become more intense. Building a strategy to find the professionals a firm needs should be a top priority for the next year, before the best talent gets snapped up by a competitor. 


3) Building leadership skills

Of course, successful project managers understand the importance of strong leadership skills, yet the evolving landscape is demanding a lot more from senior professionals. 

The effectiveness of different management styles on project success was highlighted in research from the University of Johannesburg. According to their findings, there is a link between both transformational and transactional leadership methods and the ability to reach the required outcomes of an initiative. 

While taking on a laissez-faire or hands-off approach has become more popular recently, there was no correlation between this style and project success. Although adopting this approach may not have any negative effects on an initiative, it could be wise to consider a more involved method. Monitoring your employees and putting the right encouragement and incentives in place will help get everyone working towards a collective goal right through to the end of a project. 

Whether you are a firm looking for a new worker or a professional seeking their next opportunity, our recruiters at Design and Construct can connect project managers to companies for the best outcome for both parties. To find out more, contact our friendly team today.