4 Things People Care About More Than Money

Posted by Design & Construct on 10-Jan-2014 09:00:13

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Did you know that money generally isn't the most important consideration for employees?

From the desire to be treated fairly to the desire to be heard by their boss, there are many factors that employees would consider more important than their wage.

If an employee is money motivated, it is often because they are under financial pressures. Money won't cause them to engage in their work more. There are few motivators as significant as being cared for.

Here are several things people tend to value more than money in their work.


1. Flexible Hours

Employees working long hours tend to feel as though they have no time for themselves or other people and errands that require their attention. In addition, it can prove challenging to maintain a good relationship with their spouse or significant other if they are always at work.

If employees feel freer to take lunch breaks, go for hair, dental or other appointments, they will likely feel more relaxed and enjoy their working environment more.

Furthermore, with remote commuting becoming increasingly popular, there may be duties that employees can complete at home rather than stay in the office all day. If they can be counted on to finish their work on time, it may be worth providing this option.


2. Job Security

It can be difficult for an employee to focus on their duties if they feel as though their position is always being threatened. If they're not sure if they will still have their job tomorrow, they will tend to act far too conservatively to be effective.

Employees know that they won't necessarily be able to keep one job for a lifetime. In today's world, people tend to change careers many times over before retirement.

However, nobody wants to feel as though their best work is going to waste. They want to know that their contribution is valued and that they aren't giving their best in vain.


3. Personal Time

4 Things People Care About More Than MoneyThough entrepreneurs and business owners often see work as a way of life, the life of the employee tends to be a little more compartmentalised. They often value time with their family and friends more than what they accomplish at work. What they do away from work is more of an extension of their personality than work itself.

Employees want to be able to keep important appointments outside of work and maintain their most valued relationships. They want to be able to take care of their health and well-being. They want to be able to "smell the roses" and enjoy life.


4. Pride

If an employee is asked to share what they do for a living, they don't want to feel as though they have to apologise for their job. They want to feel a sense of pride and accomplishment for the position they hold.

Preferably, an employee would like the asker to be impressed; even just a little bit. They don't want to feel embarrassed for the job they've taken. For some people, work is a significant part of their identity.

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