5 Myths About Hiring Great Construction Employees

Posted by Design & Construct on 23-Dec-2013 09:00:38

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Hiring great employees isn't always as straightforward as it seems.

Discerning great candidates from poor ones will likely require good observational skills. It isn't merely about those who present themselves well. At all times, you have to continue to look for applicants that demonstrate compatibility.

Here are five myths that should be understood as you seek to bring on qualified employees.


1. Experience Is The Most Important Qualification

Sometimes experienced workers can prove valuable to a project. However, just because they are seasoned in their work does not mean that they would be the best candidate for the role you are hiring for.

An experienced worker could be jaded. They may not actually like their work, but they've simply remained in it because they need the income.

A teachable candidate with a willingness to grow and to learn can outwork an experienced individual if they are committed and passionate.

Again, an experienced worker may be the right person for the job. Try to evaluate on a case-by-case basis.


2. Education Is The Most Important Qualification

If the position requires the candidate to have obtained certain educational qualifications, you should not overlook them.

However, this also depends on the individual. Some applicants may not have the education they require, but they may have significant experience. They may have hobbies and interests that compliment their skill set. They may be avid studiers of the industry.

You may consider giving a less qualified prospect a chance if they demonstrate compatibility.


3. The Interview Process Always Causes The Best To Stand Out

Sometimes even qualified candidates do not possess good interviewing skills. There could also be a variety of other factors that affect their ability to express themselves.

For example, an applicant could arrive nervous to the interview. They may not be able to think clearly or give the best answers because of their nerves.

Similarly, a candidate may have had trouble sleeping the night before. A person who is not well-rested is not always the most articulate.

Moreover, an unqualified applicant may be able to present themselves well in an interview. They may even appear to be a good fit.

In the hiring process, make sure to consider factors beyond the interview before making your final decision.


4. Good Interview Questions Always Get Good Answers

5 Myths About Hiring Great Construction EmployeesIt's always a good idea to take some time to prepare for the interview and look over the prospective employee's resume and cover letter. However, sometimes even the best questions won't elicit a great response.

Be prepared to adjust the interview based on the candidate. Observe their body language and reactions to particular questions. Make sure to listen carefully.


5. You Should Always Look For The Perfect Fit

Some employers like to believe that the perfect employee is out there, and if they just continue their search long enough, they will find perfection.

This can actually hold you back from hiring otherwise good people that demonstrate good fit.

It's a good idea to remain a little more flexible as you take candidates through the interview process.


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