5 Red Flags Every Company Should Know About Job Candidates

Posted by Design & Construct on 30-Dec-2013 09:00:29

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Hiring the right people for your company is a process. It's important to take your time in evaluating each applicant, or you may wind up bringing on people who do not perform well in their position.

As you are bringing applicants through the interview process, here are several red flags you should watch out for.


1. Lack Of Accountability

From arriving late to an interview to failing to call you back at requested times, there are a variety of accountability issues that could indicate that a candidate isn't actually interested in the position they are applying for.

Interviews are generally conducted over a period of time, which will require prospective employees to show up to meetings on time and communicate effectively.

You may want to exercise some grace depending on the situation, but if the applicant continues to exhibit symptoms of tardiness, they probably aren't the right person for the position.


2. Lack Of Understanding

Did the applicant do their homework? Did they take the time to study your company and the role they are applying for?

Since you are taking the time to learn about the candidate and thus prepare relevant questions, it's not unreasonable to expect that they would do the same if they are serious about filling the opening.

If a candidate does not demonstrate any understanding of your company or the position they are applying to, they may not be particularly interested in getting the job.


3. Cannot Demonstrate Past Accomplishments

Does the candidate give you vague answers around past employment? Are they unable to demonstrate any of the accomplishments they have listed on their cover letter or resume?

An applicant that cannot give you clear, specific answers related to their past employment is likely hiding something or they simply haven't accomplished what they claim to have.

In some cases, it's simply a matter of clearing up a misunderstanding, which could easily arise on either side. However, if a candidate cannot demonstrate past experience with specificity, they probably aren't right for the position.


4. Money Motivated

5 Red Flags Every Company Should Know About Job CandidatesMoney isn't generally the most important consideration for candidates. If they seem too eager to talk about money, they may not be interested in the opening for the right reasons.

If an applicant brings up money too early in the interview process, that is usually a red flag.

Suitable candidates should be just as interested in job satisfaction, fulfillment, and enjoyment of the role they are applying for.


5. Not Treating Your Staff Well

How does a candidate treat you and your staff? Are they respectful and courteous? Are they well-spoken, and do they present well in an interview?

Pay close attention to body language and eye contact. If the prospective employee just can't wait to get the interview over with, that's a red flag to watch out for.

Sometimes, even qualified applicants will appear less confident than others who are not suited to the position. However, if a candidate becomes frustrated and annoyed with the interview process, they probably won't make the cut.

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