5 Ways To Avoid A Bad Construction Hire

Posted by Design & Construct on 24-Nov-2014 09:00:11

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There are many costs associated with making a bad hire. You may end up having to re-start the recruitment process in search of a suitable replacement. If you hire someone new after the bad hire leaves, the new hire will have to be trained. You may even wind up having to put effort towards repairing a damaged reputation with your clients or the general public.

If you can avoid making bad hiring decisions, you can prevent the high cost of having to replace them altogether. There are still times when even due diligence can backfire, but it's much easier to live with a bad decision that was made honestly than a poor choice that was made carelessly.

If you are looking to avoid making a bad construction hire in the future, take note of the following tips.

1. Determine Your Ideal Candidate

First, you have to know what your ideal candidate looks like. Hiring just anybody could be a costly mistake that you'll later regret

Don't start the recruitment process without having a clear idea of the type of people you are looking for. Even someone with the right skills could be a liability if they don't fit with the culture of your company. Don't leave fit out of the equation.

2. Don't Rush The Interview Process

Even if you're in a hurry to find someone to fill a position, rushing the interview processcould turn out to be an expensive blunder.

Make sure to take the time and care you usually would in preparing questions for prospective employees and assessing fit. Take the time to listen and evaluate what the candidate says, how they handle themselves, and what is important to them.

3. Check References

Before hiring anyone, make sure to check their references. Ask relevant questions based on the candidate's stated experience, and make sure to pick up on the subtleties in the conversations. Make note of any inconsistencies you observe.

Checking references ensures that you will make more informed hiring decisions. Ultimately, you will make better hiring decisions.

4. Deliberate With Everyone

5 Ways To Avoid A Bad Construction HireWho did the candidate talk to? Just to you, the recruiter, or a variety of different people within the company?

If the prospective employee conversed with people other than you, make sure to gather their impressions too. If their observations don't quite match up with yours, that could be a red flag. There may be a little bit of discrepancy between each person's account, but if there's a huge gap in descriptions, make sure to look in to it.

5. Don't Fill Positions Too Quickly

The temptation might be to find someone quickly and get the hiring process done and over with. However, this could end in disaster.

Finding the right person or people might require a long-term strategy. It might require patience and a willingness to go through a lot of resumes. However, the end result will be worth the effort. You will have found the right person for the position, and you will have saved your company a significant amount of money.

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