Airport developments take off around Australia

Posted by Design & Construct on 25 Dec 2015, 02:35:01

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Tourism is becoming a major industry in Australia, yet in order to sustain visitor numbers, it is important to have fully functional terminals and runways to greet them.

To address the flow of visitors and travellers, a number of significant airport projects are about to get underway, driving new opportunities for construction recruitment. 

Western Sydney Airport plans put before the public

Federal Minister for Infrastructure Warren Truss announced that the government is now comprising the submissions of community bodies regarding the draft Airport Plan for Western Sydney and supporting draft Environmental Impact Statement. The massive project received over 450 submissions and the general public expressed their opinions over 60 days through information sessions, council meetings and email and phone hotlines. 

The airport project received over 450 submissions from the public.

Mr Truss highlighted the importance of this time for prospective projects managers and other senior construction personnel. 

"The consultation period has been an opportunity to ensure that this important infrastructure project will be able to deliver the best outcome for the Western Sydney community," he said.

The airport will bring an immense amount of infrastructure investment and create new job prospects to multiple industries.

Hobart airport expansion gets the green light

The $100 million investment into Hobart's airport will go ahead as scheduled after gaining approval from the federal government. The runaway of the airport will allow for larger aircraft to land, meaning more freight and passengers can arrive on the island. 

According to Premier Will Hodgman, the new upgrade will help attract visitors to Tasmania and boost career opportunities, including construction jobs.

Solar projects provide energy to airports

Engineers Australia recently announced two key projects to introduce solar power to airports in the Northern Territory.  

A total of 996 photovoltaic panels will provide 85 per cent of power to the Alice Springs airport after the $1.9 million project enters its third and final stage. 

Solar will power 85 per cent of the Alice Springs airport.
Solar will power 85 per cent of the Alice Springs airport.

Northern Division General Manager Mark Monaghan explained the benefits of green power. 

"Renewable energy sources by definition never run out. We are excited {these} airports are taking such an innovative approach to shape a more sustainable future," he said.

The upcoming solar plant near Darwin International airport will house 16,000 panels in four separate banks and will require the expertise of engineering to successfully install.

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