Are you looking to hire in 2016?

Posted by Design & Construct on 05-Jan-2016 05:00:25

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If you're a business owner, manager or HR professional, you know that the recruitment hiring process is very complex in today's ultra competitive job market. It can be a hit and miss affair, often taking

weeks if not months and comes with a huge responsibility of finding that perfect fit for your company.

Caught between a rock and a hard place

Do you have the necessary time and resources it takes to employ that perfect fit for your company?

As most businesses can testify, it is extremely costly and distressing for all involved when the wrong employee is taken on. So there is a lot riding on your recruitment process and selection. Therefore, does it really make sense to go it alone? Why not relieve yourself of your company's recruitment pressures?

At Design and Construct, we have honed our selection processes and with our passion, commitment and expertise we can connect suitable employers and jobseekers with ease. In addition, over the past 12 years, our team of highly qualified recruitment specialists have sourced and secured a vast and impressive client and candidate database. 

CRT (Consistency, Reliability and Trust)

Managing Director, Ephram Stephenson said “Consistency, reliability and trust are the foundations of successful working relationships and the reason why we have such high levels of repeat business. Clients come back to us time and time again for their recruitment solutions because they believe in our commitment and drive to deliver their recruitment needs.  

We have enormous faith in our ability to successfully match clients and candidates however; we also understand that sometimes events happen that cannot be foreseen. Therefore, for those of our clients who experience the loss of one of our candidates, we offer the added security of a 12 month candidate replacement guarantee on all permanent positions. Please contact us for more information on the terms and conditions of our guarantee here

The perfect choice

As a corporate member of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA) we adhere to a strict code of professional conduct and confidentiality. As such, all our clients have peace of mind knowing that their company's goals and objectives regarding expanding their workforce are in safe hands. Why not join them?

Design and Construct act on your behalf as an intermediary between your organisation and potential candidates. We can be trusted to find the talent you need by making sure candidates understand your company's culture and ideals to ensure a positive long term and rewarding relationship.

Our success speaks for itself by the demand for our services; we currently have offices in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne. As recruitment solution experts, we are ever sensitive to the shifting staffing demands of the design and construction industry and plan to provide recruitment solutions in the future throughout the whole of Australia.

Contact us today to discuss any further questions you may have regarding your recruitment requirements. We will work closely with you and provide a bespoke recruitment package to suit your needs...guaranteed!