Assess Your Personal Values And Become A Better Employee

Posted by Design & Construct on 16-Oct-2013 14:29:32

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Assess Your Personal Values And Become A Better Employee


Company culture is an important part of success.

At Design & Construct, we see the impact of culture every day.

The companies we work with know that maintaining a quality work environment leads to higher production, better output and happy employees. When everything in the office or on the job site is working in harmony the business succeeds.

When things are bad, the business can quickly unravel.

When we work with jobseekers we notice that some look past company culture. And it's not just a matter of fitting in at a company. It starts with the jobseeker assessing their own values and knowing when a job is not just about the potential salary and benefits.


Personal Values and Your Career

Every jobseeker wants to work for the perfect company, but today it seems more difficult than ever to find the perfect job.

It's not that design and construction firms aren't hiring. They are. The difference today is that firms have become more careful with every person they hire. These companies know that hiring is a long-term investment in the business.

In order to get your ideal job you have to align your values with those of the company.

It starts with assessing your personal values. Knowing where you stand as you search for the ideal job will give you a better idea of potential companies to work for instead of only looking at potential salary and benefits.

Here how you can assess your values:

  1. What are the top three most important things in your life right now?
  2. How do you want your life to turn out in 5, 10 and 30 years?
  3. What would be your biggest loss right now and tomorrow?


These are difficult questions, but the answers will give the insight you need to understand your values.

For many people, the answers lead to understanding that family, security, stability and peace of mind are more important than anything else. Others look at specific things that make them happy like taking vacations, being able to take off for appointments and other items.

Some of these are money-related, but others have more to do with time.

Once you understand what is most important in your life you get a different perspective on your career. You know that you don't only have to look at the salary and benefits. While these are certainly important there are other things a company can provide that will provide you with a happy life.


What Companies Have To Offer

Some of the things we see from great companies in our work include:

  • Flexible vacation and time off
  • Stability in sales and success
  • Security and long-term relationships with employees

Knowing that your values align with your employer's will give you more peace of mind that you could ever find just chasing salaries.

And companies are looking at your values too. They want to know that you're going to be a long-term employee because for them you're only worth the investment if you're happy and satisfied for the long haul.

To find your happiness, assess your personal values.


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