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Australian ingenuity is once again setting world records

Perth based Carnegie Wave Energy Project breaks a world record, having completed 14,000 cumulative operating hours, which is the highest ever recorded in the global wave energy industry.

Carnegie Wave Energy Limited is the ASX-listed inventor, owner and developer of the patented CETO wave energy technology that converts ocean swell into zero-emission renewable power and desalinated freshwater.

So what is the CETO Unit?

Named after the Greek sea goddess CETO, the unit consists of a fully submerged buoy that is tethered to a pump on the seabed, to harness the enormous energy present in the ocean's waves. The unit oscillates in harmony with the ocean's waves, transferring energy through a tether (a marine grade rope) which causes a pump to extend and contract. The pump pressurises fluid which is then sent onshore through a subsea pipeline. Once onshore, the high-pressure fluid is used to operate an off-the-shelf hydroelectric power plant. The resulting low-pressure water is then returned offshore in a closed loop system.

In addition to producing zero-emission power, the CETO technology is capable of producing direct desalinated water. The high-pressure water created by the CETO Units can be used to supply a reverse osmosis desalination plant, replacing or reducing reliance on greenhouse gas-emitting, electrically-driven pumps usually required for such plants.


Construction industry benefits - Renewable Energy Wave technology has the potential to provide energy to remote construction developments


Clean renewable energy

For the past 12 months, the CETO 5 projects have used an array of three off-shore wave power generators to provide clean electricity and desalinated water to Australia's largest naval base, HMAS Stirling, on Garden Island in Western Australia.

Funding support, from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), of $13 million has enabled inventors at the wave energy company Carnegie, to complete the $40 million project. The project is the first array of wave power generators to be connected to an electricity grid, worldwide.

Construction industry benefits

Having the capability to harness this resource is ideal in supplying remote or drought areas within Australia that currently lack fresh water. The benefit of producing clean, renewable energy and fresh water from the ocean also presents enormous investment potential for land developers. Areas which were once deemed uninhabitable, now have the opportunity to be developed into thriving communities. With the ever increasing need for housing, this could also present a solution to Australia's rising population.

New construction jobs on the way

Work on Queensland's biggest wind farm near Kingaroy is a step closer to being built and once completed, is hoped to become a leader in renewable energy generation. Construction is expected to start in late 2017 and take two and half years, making it operational by 2020.

The wind farm  would be one of Australia's largest green energy projects and is predicted to generate half of Queensland's electricity needs from renewable energy by 2030.

The energy project is expected to create up to 350 new construction jobs and ongoing employment for up to 20 people in the region.

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