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Posted by Design & Construct on 20-Jun-2015 01:32:48

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Qualifications in the construction industry are an essential part of getting a job - which is why it is important that all workers adhere to the advice of Safe Work South Australia.

Construction workers have until September 1 this year to translate their Certificates of Competency or old style tickets to the national high risk work licence. Launched in September 2010, we have now entered the last few months of transition for workers that had these qualifications issued after January 2005.

"To avoid the rush, don't leave this until the last minute or you may not be licensed to work from 1 September,"

If you don't change over to the national licence, you are at risk of not being able to legally operate high risk plant.

SafeWork SA Acting Executive Director, Marie Boland explained how easy the process was.

"To avoid the rush, don't leave this until the last minute or you may not be licensed to work from 1 September," she said.

"Converting is straightforward - simply call the High Risk Work Conversion Line on 1300 975 909 and have your original certificates, tickets or Notice of Satisfactory Assessment on hand."

High risk work licences are an important part of the construction industry with specially trained workers often hard to come by. In fact, if you want to operate forklifts, cranes, hoists or pressure equipment - it is compulsory. 

Additionally, high risk work licences are required if performing rigging, dogging or scaffolding operations

Benefit of a new high risk work licence

These licences are valid across all states as previous versions were, but offer a unique advantage for a single fee. If you have multiple high risk work qualifications, for example, for forklifts and hoists, this can be converted and displayed on the one licence.

It is then easier for authorities and recruitment agencies to cross-check and confirm your skills.

Workers need to work out if they need to review their high risk work licences.Workers need to work out if they need to review their high risk work licences.

New classes of high risk work

It is important to remember the changes that occurred because of the introduction of the new standard. Previously, both forklifts and order-picking forklifts were exempt from high risk licences, but are now included for the first time. As such, workers wanting to operate this equipment are urged to apply for the new licence. 

As well as this, self-erecting tower cranes and reach stacker work were redefined in a new class of high risk work.

If you are planning on finding a new job, getting this paperwork organised is vital. Design & Construct only work with individuals who have their qualifications up-to-date to ensure that businesses only hire the best.

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