Can your workers protect themselves?

Posted by Design & Construct on 24-Jun-2015 00:13:13

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Workplace health and safety is a topic that should be close to the top of the agenda of any business. Regardless of the industry, size or scope - there must be processes and systems implemented to keep your team productive and safe.

However, according to the results of a recently released CareerBuilder survey, many businesses could pay with recruiting an OH&S Manager. More than 3,000 US-based workers across different industries were polled on their safety at work. Surprisingly, close to a quarter (23 per cent) were unsure how to protect themselves in the event of a workplace emergency.

"Ensuring a safe and secure work environment should be of the utmost importance in any workplace."

Rosemary Haefner, chief human resources officer of CareerBuilder explained the importance of businesses protecting their team.

"Ensuring a safe and secure work environment should be of the utmost importance in any workplace," she said.

"Keeping employees protected means not only putting measures in place to keep them safe, but making sure employees are aware of the policies and procedures they can protect themselves, too."

In what situations are businesses doing well?

Based on the findings, there are emergency situations where workplace health and safety processes are working well and others where there is room for improvement.

A total of 85 per cent of respondents noted that fires, floods and other disaster are well-managed, while 83 per cent said the same for weather-related events. However, just 30 per cent thought their business was prepared for a physical threat and digital issues.

Fire is one emergency that employees need to know how to respond.Fire is one emergency that employees need to know how to respond.

Is this because of a lack of planning?

OHS managers play a critical role in highlighting workplace risks, but does is a lack of emergency planning to blame for the fact that a quarter of respondents don't know what to do? In some ways, yes.

According to CareerBuilder, only 26 per cent of businesses have plans in place for weather events, while just 21 per cent could say the same for fires, floods and other disasters.

Avoiding workplace fatalities

There have been eight workplace fatalities in the construction industry so far in 2015. As each case is unique, it is likely that the relevant safe work authority has investigated each case and told each business where to improve.

However, this is a stage that no business wants to get to. As such, Design & Construct's expert team of consultants could be of assistance. Taking into account our vast talent poll, we can source an OH&S manager who is experienced and can take your employment safety record to a new level.