Candidate Replacement Guarantee Removes Risk and Improves Selection

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Candidate Replacement Guarantee Removes Risk and Improves Selection

Candidate Replacement Guarantee Removes Risk and Improves Selection

In today's fast-paced world, we find you the best employees. Guaranteed.

Working with a top-notch recruiting agency can save you time and bring great people to your company.

As you know, having great people leads to having a great business.

In the design and construction industry it can be extremely difficult to find the best people. Most are already working for other companies. After all, they're the best of the best and their companies don't want to let them go.

This is where human resources departments struggle with finding quality employees. Even large enterprises in the design and construction industry struggle to find great workers. They can put out the basic listings on websites and in periodicals, but the best workers aren't often looking for new positions. They may not be thinking about a different position.

For smaller enterprises that don't have an HR department, it can be even more difficult to find great people. Not only are they competing with bigger companies, they're doing it without the internal resources to find the best people.

Finding great people – that is the value in partnering with a recruiting agency and it's exactly why great companies in the construction industry partner with Design & Construct.


Design & Construct: Finding Great People for Great Companies

Hiring employees is a big investment for an enterprise of any size. Bringing a new person on board is about much more than how their salary and benefits impact the short-term bottom line.

Every new employee is an investment in the future. The long-term goal with any employee is to have them contribute to the company in a positive way. This means performing job requirements to the best of their ability and being complementary to the company culture.

Design & Construct understands how important new hires are to companies. As a result, Design & Construct aligns its own business model with the long-term success of every client.

First, each of our consultants takes on, at most, 5 clients at one time. Over the years we've found this to be the ideal balance for allowing the consultant to develop a relationships with clients. Our relationships with clients are critical to success. We understand that in order to find the best people for your company we need to fully understand everything you do while maintaining a pulse on your company culture.

Second, we are full entrenched in the design and construction industries. By focusing on this core industry we're able to better understand the needs of our partners. We've worked with many companies to find employees on every level of the corporate structure. We've seen what works and what doesn't work over the years and feel confident in our ability to bring you the best employee possible.

Third, we've been around for more than ten years. Our partnerships span the entire globe. We work with companies near our home in Australia, but we also work with enterprises located throughout the world. The design and construction industries are growing in many places and we're excited about connecting the best companies with the best employees.

Our Contingency Recruitment is popular with many of our partners. This model gives you a risk-free way to proceed in the hiring process. You don't pay a cent until we successfully place a candidate.

The Exclusive Recruitment offer is extremely custom to your needs. A consultant works closely with your team to get involved and really understand the exact person you need for the position.

The entire process at Design & Construct is confidential. You can trust that we have your best interests at the top of our priorities. We conduct business in a professional manner with each enterprise and each candidate. We understand that we represent your company and this understanding guides us in all the work we do on your behalf.

Candidate Replacement Guarantee

We offer all partners a candidate replacement guarantee.

Some of our competitors refuse to make this guarantee. We feel it's essential to having successful long-term partnerships with every client.

Earlier we mentioned the importance of finding the right person for every available position. Hiring a new employee is a long-term investment. If that person leaves or if the company finds itself in the position to relieve the employee of their position within a short period after the hiring date it is a detriment to the company.

Our guarantee is a 12-month replacement guarantee on all permanent positions. Only a few conditions apply. We offer this guarantee because it's in the best interest of every client we work for and it pushes us even more to find the absolute best person for every job.

Design & Construct has a high percentage of repeat business. Approximately 95% of our revenue comes from existing clients. We take pride is knowing that once a client comes on board they will be so satisfied they will hire us again and again each time they need a new employee.

Finding The Best People At Every Level of an Enterprise

It's no small task to find the best people for every position within a company.

As time passes, good people retire and move on to other companies. Companies also grow and require additional people for new positions. There are a number of reasons companies need new people at every level within the company.

HR departments often struggle keeping up with the demand for the best employees. Smaller companies often don't have any time to focus on finding the best people in the industry to fill important positions.

Business often requires full-time attention from you and your co-workers. When a position needs to be filled it's difficult to make time to find the best person.

This is the position many of our clients find themselves in and it's why they come to us for help. We focus on finding the best person for each job while they focus on the continuous operations of the company.

We perform all the early stages of the hiring process. We get the information we need from you regarding the position. We cast a net and seek out the early list of people for the job. We perform background checks and qualifying measures.

Once the early stages are completed we come back to you with the best of the best for the position. You have the final decision, but all early work has already been completed so you can make the best decision possible for the future of your company.

We're not saying our job is easy. However, we are full immersed in the design and construction hiring process. We work with the best companies and the best employees every day. We see what works and we see what doesn't. We use our experience, knowledge and understanding of corporate cultures to connect employees with companies.

Company success and employee success leads to our success. This is the only business model that will work for a recruitment agency such as Design & Construct.

Certified and Active in Industry Groups

At Design & Construct, we take pride in our work. We also take pride in our reputation and it's why we're part of some of the most respected groups in the design and construction industries.

We are members of the Recruitment & Consulting Services Association (RCSA). The RCSA has a Code for Professional Conduct for all members. We follow the code as our guide for excellence and go above and beyond based on our own high standards.

Design & Construct is also a member of the Civil Contractors Federation (CCF), Housing Industry Association (HIA) and the Master Builders Association (MBA).

These groups are very important to our industry. We are proud to be active in each group because we feel they are doing great things for those in the design and construction industry. With the industry growing in many places throughout the world it is great to be part of groups that doing all they can to make the industry successful.

Along with being members in industry groups we also participate in many events. You may see us at industry seminars and other events where the best and brightest visit each year.

Save Time. Save Money. Hire The Best People.

If you are looking to hire for a position – any position – in your design and construction business, Design & Construct can help.

We have placed architects, engineers, managers and every other position in the industry. We're confident we can find the best person for your position of need. We're so confident, in fact, that we'll put our 12-month replacement guarantee on the deal.

Hiring a recruiting agency will save you time and money. While we find the best person for your open position you and your team can focus on the continued success and growth of your company. We'll come to you when the final personnel decision is ready to be made.

Visit our Design & Construct Services for a full list of what we offer.

Contact us for detailed information on how we can deliver a custom recruiting solution to your position of need. You will speak directly with an experienced recruitment consultant.

It would be our privilege to work with you and your team.

Your success is our success.

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