Civil engineers to receive timely boost

Posted by Design & Construct on 02-Apr-2015 02:01:34

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It is fair to say that the civil engineering industry hasn't delivered a lot of great news in recent years. However, with a spate of roading infrastructure projects either planned or recently announced, it's time for engineers to get back in the game.

The latest project announcement came late last month, with the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss revealing plans to improve four key highways in Queensland.

Delivered under the Australian Government's $229 million National Highway Upgrade Programme, the New England, Flinders, Landsborough and Cunningham arteries will see massive changes over the coming years.

Mr Truss explained further details of the plans and how it will benefit many industries in the region.

"This programme will fund much-needed upgrading works around Australia such as additional overtaking lanes, road widening, intersection upgrades and pavement reconstruction," he said in a March 30 media statement.

"The Australian Government is allocating $49.3 million through our National Highway Upgrade programme to improve infrastructure for freight vehicles operating in the state's major resource and agricultural regions, resulting in greater productivity and economic growth."

The projects are expected to begin either later this year or early 2016. However, it is the prospect of work for engineers and construction crews that is important for Queensland Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports Mark Bailey.

"As an added bonus, all of these works will create jobs for local road workers at a time when jobs and job security are more important than ever," he stated.

Road boom helping industry

This announcement ties in well with a recent forecast by the Australian Construction Industry Forum. In this piece, the forum admitted that civil engineering sectors would continue to stutter. However, thanks to the dollar value of the work completed on highways and roads, this particular sector should remain stable in a few key states across the country.

The forum predicts activity to drop away in Western Australia and Victoria while Queensland, South Australia and New South Wales will see work value increase and the potential for more opportunities moving forward. This is a timely boost for those trained and skilled in civil engineering.

Next step?

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