Cloud skills essential for new wave of construction workers

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Apr-2015 01:30:00

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In stark contrast to previous decades, it seems the new generation of construction workers will need to be clued up with the latest and greatest technology on the market.

Software firm On Center polled over 900 construction executives as well as project managersand estimators to gauge how widespread cloud technology use was getting.

According to its 2015 Construction Industry Survey, there are many areas that need to be integrated. This includes takeoff (82 per cent) and estimating (70 per cent). Additionally, project cost errors and rework fees were some of the top concerns for 65 per cent of respondents.

How widespread will cloud use in the construction industry be?

Thanks to its collaboration, communication and error reduction rate, 31 per cent of respondents are planning on moving these processes to the cloud in the next 24 months.

However, many project managers are already using technology on the job. A total of 80 per cent of respondents are operating a mobile device for bidding or managing products, the report revealed. In fact, half of the respondents noted it was vital for construction teams to collaborate in real time on projects.

On Center CEO Cecilia Padilla explained that cloud technologies is the answer to many of these issues.

"Collectively this data paints a picture of the struggle that today's construction professionals are having with yesterday's tools, and their concerns for mitigating costly errors through adoption of new technologies," she said in an April 16 media statement.

"The money made during estimating and takeoff can easily be lost in the field due to errors that occur when multiple sets of plans are maintained on various types of media. It would appear that the industry is banking on the inherent error reduction through the 'one truth transparency' of cloud technologies to solve these problems."

Recruiting the next generation

With technology placed to play a key role in not only construction, but project management in the future, it is something that businesses must take into account throughout the recruitment process.

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