Does Your Construction Resume Have These Common Issues?

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Nov-2013 09:00:34

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Your resume is likely the most important document you will ever bring to a job interview.

Unfortunately, even skilled and experienced workers can get passed up for opportunities if their resume does not adequately and accurately demonstrate their strengths.

Here are some common issues we see with resumes. You may consider making some revisions to your resume if you are making any of these mistakes.


It Does Not Clearly State Your Objective

If your objective is not stated clearly and concisely on your resume, an employer will assume that you aren't sure about your career goals.

There are a several other common issues associated with objectives.

Firstly, you shouldn't have more than one objective. If you want to apply for two or more positions, you will probably need a separate resume for each.

Secondly, your objective should be specific. If it is too general, the employer may presume that you didn't take the time to cater your resume to that specific position.

Thirdly, don't forget to actually include an objective. It will help tighten the focus of your resume.


It Isn't Focused Enough

You may have years of experience in jobs both inside and outside of the industry. It is possible that you've been in the workforce for a long time, and you've accumulated a long list of educational and experiential credentials.

If that describes you, it may be time to narrow the focus of your resume.

Employers are often most concerned with the last five to 10 years of your employment history. Moreover, they care more about demonstrated skills and experience that's pertinent to the position as opposed to unrelated qualifications.


It Has Too Much Information

You may feel the need to add personal information to your resume. You may think it wise to include skills that have nothing to do with the position you're applying for.

However, if you already have significant demonstrated experience, these items are only going to pad out an already long resume.

Employers are more interested in your qualifications than they are in your personal life.


It Does Not Contain Relevant Keywords

Resume IssuesTake some time to read the job description and determine what relevant keywords you can use in your resume.

Employers may not necessarily take the time to read every detail on every resume. However, even if they are in the habit of skimming information, they are going to be looking to see if you made the effort to include pertinent keywords.

This not only demonstrates that you took the time to understand the position you're applying for, it also shows that you have skills and experience that relate to the position you're applying to.


It Hasn't Been Proofed

People that don't proofread their writing may prove to be unreliable in other ways. This is not a good first impression to make.

At the very least, run your resume through a spell checker using a word processor. It couldn't hurt to have a few intelligent friends look it over as well. Having an outside perspective can prove useful.

Proofing your resume will also demonstrate that you are in the habit of giving attention to detail. A detail-oriented person is valuable to most professions.


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