Don't Do These 7 Things When Looking For A Construction Job

Posted by Design & Construct on 29-Nov-2013 09:00:54

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Generally speaking, there are many opportunities available in the construction industry.

However, if you fail to meet stated requirements and qualifications, you could end up getting passed over in the application process, even if you are a skilled and experienced worker.

Make sure you aren't doing the following seven things as you apply to various positions. Employers will take you more seriously when you conduct yourself professionally.

1. Ignore The Difference Between Labor And Managerial Positions

Make sure to take some time to understand the nature of the position you are applying for.

Labor positions and managerial positions are distinct opportunities with different duties. One will require you to do the heavy lifting - literally - while the other will demand that you oversee projects and fill out paperwork.

Applying for the wrong position could prove embarrassing. It you do get hired, it could also prove challenging to take on tasks you don't have any experience with.

2. Ignore Educational Standards And Requirements

Depending on the position you are applying for, educational requirements could vary.

Before applying for any job, read the description to see if you meet the schooling criteria. If not, consider looking for another job, or go back to school to earn your qualifications before applying.

3. Limit Your Options

It's a good idea to take a look at the various job options that are available to you.

Your work duties and income could vary quite a bit depending on the job and what company you end up working for. Examine the various openings in the industry before making a final decision. This will help you make a choice that you will be happy with long term.

4. Constantly Broaden Your Search

Don't do these 7 things construction jobThough it is good to explore the various options available to you, at some point, you will have to narrow your job search. It is much harder to find a job when you aren't specific about what you are looking for.

For example, if your objective on your resume is unclear and ambiguous, employers will assume that you are unsure about your goals. Begin to narrow your search based on your career goals so that employers know you are serious.


5. Ignore Necessary Training

In addition to education, it may be necessary to acquire supplementary training. Again, take some time to read the job description, and take note of any stated qualifications that you do not presently have. Seek to acquire the training you don't yet have before applying.


6. Fail To Get A White Card

You will be given your white card after completing the workplace and safety course, which is also known as the white card training. A white card is mandatory for working in most parts of Australia, so if you don't have yours already, make sure to complete the previously mentioned course to obtain it.


7. Ignore Trends

Construction trends continue to change based on demand. It is advantageous to observe trends (like residential booms), so you are aware of any positions that would allow you to work in busy sectors.


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