Engineers to play vital role in transport future

Posted by Design & Construct on 03-Jun-2015 01:32:55

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While Australia is an international leader in many categories, traffic congestion in our major cities certainly isn't one of them. 

As such, Infrastructure Australia has explained the important role that engineers will play in ensuring that the country doesn't grind to a halt in the future.

In late May, Infrastructure Australia released a report which featured a number of findings which should act as a base to develop a strong future. This included the prediction that the national population is set to grow from 22.3 million in 2011 to 30.5 million in 2031 with major cities set to prosper the most.

"Australia has handled growth and demands like this before and I am optimistic that we can do so again."

However, with this population growth comes a warning. Traffic congestion could pose a threat to economic growth and living standards - costing the country over $50 billion by 2031.

Infrastructure Australia Chairman Mark Birrell said it was important that Australian leaders took note of these statistics today and put adequate plans in place to address them.

"Australia has handled growth and demands like this before and I am optimistic that we can do so again," Mr Birrell said in a May 22 media statement.

"The challenge is managing our success so that infrastructure delivers the economic benefits and living standards Australians expect."

Congestion could cause Australia significant problems moving forward.
Congestion could cause Australia significant problems moving forward.











Where do engineers come into the equation?

Industry body Engineers Australia have long been advocates of the congestion problems across Australia. The association describes it as a 'significant national issue' and something that will hurt all pockets of the economy.

In a May 22 media statement, Engineers Australia Chief Executive Officer Stephen Durkin, explained the importance of clear roads.

"If our cities continue down the same road without transport infrastructure improvements, car travel times will increase by 20 percent in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Canberra. Some trips will take twice as long to complete," he said.

However, Mr Durkin did point out the demand for engineers as new transport projects are announced.

"Engineers are inextricably involved in all facets of an effective intermodal transport system," he stated.

"Engineers Australia looks forward to advising government on finding the right balance to streamline our transport future, so people can spend more time at work or with their families, than stuck in traffic."

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