Formal decision making vital to engineering project lifecycle

Posted by Design & Construct on 03-Oct-2015 00:41:48

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Every engineering project director understands the struggles of creating solutions up to client and stakeholder standards. With a number of decisions to make, it is important that each one is calculated and measured properly to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

This argument was discussed as part of the Project Management Institute's (PMI) Capturing the Value of Project Management Through Decision Making report. Polling the thoughts of over 1,200 project managers, PMI discovered that 79 per cent of assignments meet goals when there is a disciplined decision making process


"Informed decisions guide projects and programs through planning, implementation, and completion," he saidin an August media statement.

"To achieve business goals, organisations need to proactively empower project teams by consistently providing the right information to decision makers at the critical points in the project lifecycle."


'The point of decision'

According to PMI, bad decision making is often influenced by project directors not having all the information required to take the right route. A total of 81 per cent of organisations cited this as a major issue, highlighting the improvements leaders must apply to inter-departmental communications. 

In fact, 46 per cent of project directors don't have access to risk assessments - a fundamental part of leading a successful engineering project. Additionally, 40 per cent didn't have information on available resources and 35 per cent lacked full knowledge of the project requirements.

PMI discovered that if project managers can get communication right at the start of the relationship, decisions can be made in a timelier manner and in more detail.

Scope for engineering sector increasing

Engineering project directors who have the skills and experience to make appropriate decisions should see their credentials for employment increase.

According to the latest September 2015 Vacancies Report published by the Department of Employment shows vacancies for engineers increased 0.6 per cent in August. After many months of slow growth, this result caps three consecutive months of growth. 

Based on the statistics, roles in the ACT, the Northern Territory and Queensland expanded the most, while NSW remained steady.

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