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Posted by Design & Construct on 23-Feb-2016 05:57:38

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Do you have the necessary time and resources it takes to find that perfect job?

The whole process of finding a suitable job prospect, then completing a mountain of paperwork in the form of endless applications, can be daunting and time consuming. You also have to go that extra mile in today's competitive market place, just to get noticed. Therefore an excellent CV is the first step towards a successful outcome.

So you need to ask yourself, is your CV up to scratch and working optimally for you? Are there any misspellings, typos or grammatical errors? Have you included all your relevant skills and experience? You will also be exposing your strengths and weakness via online applications for your prospective employers to see. As such, your CV needs to be spot on.

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After you have spent quality time preparing your CV for scrutiny, you may feel that you are ready to take on the next phase of the process. However, we all know that this can be a lengthy ordeal. Just trawling through the latest positions available online or in the linear career publications can take hours out of your day; competition is very high and you have to remain focussed and committed throughout so as not to miss any potential job opportunities.

You may also have noticed that the same positions are being advertised on several sites at the same time. Job sites that specialise in advertising all the current vacancies are now the main resources people turn to and as a result can be viewed by anyone, anywhere. This means your competition has increased not only in number but also calibre. Businesses are widening their nets to attract talent from further afield and are even prepared to invest in relocating their perfect candidate. This wealth and influx of talent means that many jobs have a cap on the amount of applications they want to receive too. Your job hunt needs to be ever vigilant and thorough in order for you to get in there first and be counted.

Let us design and construct your future from the bottom up

So now, more than ever, employers are seeing the benefits and reaping the rewards of turning to companies such as Design and Construct for their recruitment solutions. If you are looking for a job and would prefer employment opportunities to come to you, hand over the reins of your job hunt to the professionals. We will deal with the daily grind of looking for a job for you and can help you negotiate all the finer points of the written word.

Talent requires expert handling

Design and Construct understand how immense and complex the ‘simple' job hunt has become because we have been in it since the beginning. For well over a decade we have watched, adapted and perfected our recruitment strategies which have seen us be placed amongst some of the very best recruitment companies in Australia. Employers and candidates alike trust us to bring them together.

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In addition, we can also advise and steer you through the intricacies of the interview process, prepare you for prometric testing and even role-play panel interviewing techniques. Launched in 2016 Design & Construct TV, gives you access to resources designed to get you started in your career. Also included are hundreds of other resources and articles featuring CV advice, templates, quizzes, motivational videos and much more. Our team of experts only take on five clients at any one time, ensuring you get the quality time needed with the most current and appropriate support and advice.

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