Greener buildings to save $100 million and reduce emissions equivalent to 5500 cars

Posted by Design & Construct on 26-Aug-2016 18:27:22

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The Australian Government has recently announced that they will be reinstating an award winning Greener Government Buildings Program (GGB) that was scrapped in 2013. The program looks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 25,000 tonnes each year and save up to $100 million by reducing the energy used to power government buildings. The program will be given $33 million worth of investment over the next two years to save energy and reduce greenhouse emissions, including:

  • The installation of new lighting technologies and the upgrading of heating and cooling systems at Gordon TAFE in Geelong. Along with upgrades to Peninsula Health facilities and the Frankston Hospital.
  • The program will also see, Victoria replacing all of its freeway lights with efficient and durable LED technology.
  • Hundreds of state schools and healthcare facilities will also benefit with new solar power installations and highly-efficient LED lighting systems.


The program will not only bring environmental benefits, but it will strengthen the state's finances, saving an estimated $6 million a year over a 15 years period. The money saved on energy bills will also repay the initial investment in just five years and will continue for years to come.


“The Greener Government Buildings Program will save an estimated $100 million and proves that greenhouse gas abatement does not need to be expensive,” said Minister for Finance Robin Scott. The investment further demonstrates Victoria's commitment to developing clean, efficient energy technologies and creating jobs for the future. The project is predicted to create hundreds of skilled jobs in the energy market and will contribute to climate change pledge initiatives to reach net zero emissions by 2050.


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