How can firms support more apprenticeships in Australia?

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Jan-2016 21:33:37

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Taking on an apprentice is a traditional way of training construction workers. However, this method has fallen out of favour as a career choice for many young people in Australia. 

An apprenticeship could offer advantages for both employer and trainee, securing construction jobs for the future.

Why choose an apprenticeship?

Although apprenticeship enrolment and completion rates have been declining in the past few years, a report from Ai group explained the key benefits of this educational path.

Of the students who undergo an apprenticeship, 92.9 per cent gained employment after completing their course. This pathway offers both practical experience and technical knowledge that makes these graduates very valuable to the industry. 

Apprenticeships arm students with practical skills.
Apprenticeships arm students with practical skills.

Offering apprenticeships is a good option for firms looking to recruit for hard to find construction roles. In certain areas, there are persistent skill shortages, and this is an effective way to address these.

Victorian government to offer subsidies for vehicle registration

Bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, electricians and plumbers in apprenticeship roles can now access a subsidy to cover half the costs of registering work-related vehicles that an employer can verify. 

92.9 per cent of apprenticeships gained employment after completing their course.

Acting Premier James Merlino explained the importance of supporting training and relieving any financial barriers.

"We're supporting our next generation of young apprentice tradies to develop their skills and build what our state needs for the future," he said. "This extra financial support will put more money back into the wallets of thousands of trade apprentices working across Victoria."

Programs like these are important so that apprentices can focus on gaining skills and experience needed to contribute to the design and construction industry. 

Is technology the answer to increase enrolments? 

The speed of innovations has continued to impact a wide range of sector and the construction industry is no exception. The federal government selected NEC Australia to build a new IT network for all apprenticeship programs.

As Director of Sales Chris Korte stated, the new service must interact with a wide range of people as well as a number of other systems. 

"This is a critical and incredibly complex solution that will need to interface seamlessly with some of the largest government IT systems in Australia, including Centrelink and the Australian Taxation Office," he explained.

The solution shows the importance of creating platforms that make it easier for future apprentices to find new opportunities. If you need further help engaging the market,  get in touch with Design and Construct today.