How can the construction industry create a better standard of living?

Posted by Design & Construct on 18 Dec 2015, 08:47:24

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As residential construction sees tentative growth, there has been a little uncertainty regarding whether this rate will hold in 2016.

However, a number of significant projects look to solidify the trend, creating new construction opportunities in the process. 

Sunshine Centre to see huge investment

The Victorian government has dedicated over $1 billion dollars to develop the Sunshine region, 13km to the west of Melbourne. A total of 19 hectares will be turned into multi-purpose buildings, creating exciting prospects for construction managers

A total of 19 hectares will be turned into multi-purpose buildings.

Member for Footscray Marsha Thomson highlighted the importance of this funding for the area. 

"Melbourne's west is one of the fastest-growing regions in Australia. We need to ensure we plan for that growth by planning for people, providing them with the jobs, housing and community support they will need," she stated.

The developments will help secure local industries and provide a new community for Melbourne commuters. 

Affordable Housing Strategy to rebuild public housing

A recent release from the Tasmanian Premier highlighted the need for a more strategic approach to state housing. Many government-owned properties are currently vacant and the demand is shifting from large families to older singles, youths and people with disabilities.

In order to cater to the changes and assist as many people as possible, the government will reallocate housing funding from low demand areas to more sought-after locations. Rather than build large houses, new dwellings will be smaller, energy-efficient and modern, creating new possibilities for the design and construction industry. 

Developers wanted in Western Australia

The Western Australian government has put a call out for partners to help plan medium to high-density housing along Perth transport corridors. The seven sites have a collective value of $20 million and the 28,000sqm of land offers great opportunities for project managers to contribute to cutting-edge developments.

The new development will take advantage of nearly train lines.
The new development will take advantage of nearby train lines.

The connection to public transport is a vital consideration for growth as Housing Minister Colin Holt explained.

"We need to maximise the use of the State Government's major transport and infrastructure investment by ensuring the highest and best use of surrounding land for medium and higher-density living and promotion of activity and vibrancy in these areas," he said.

With residential activity continuing to hold strong, these projects show the potential for future success and growth. If you are looking for workers for these type of initiatives, speak to the team at Design and Construct.