How can we best design high rises in Australia?

Posted by Design & Construct on 16 Dec 2015, 02:55:45

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Out of all the construction sub-sectors in Australia, high rise apartments have excelled in growth over 2015. As urban living becomes a reality for many Australians, multi-storied buildings are vital for hosting jobs, homes and services.

For architecture professionals looking to make their mark, the challenge lies in creating buildings that are innovative, of high quality, sustainable and pleasing to the eye for many years to come. 

Here are three key projects and trends that exemplify the bright future of architecture in Australia.

BVN Bookend tower

Architects must design buildings that are innovative, of high quality, sustainable and pleasing to the eye.

While this project is in the early stages of application with the City of Sydney, the proposed tower on the edge of Chinatown and Central Station will bring a unique look to the area. 

Architecture company BVN has proposed that the empty Pitt Street site be converted into a 68-metre multi-use complex with a unique, wedge-shaped roof. This will house solar panels and continue the line of the opposite park by incorporating a grass roof. 

The building will comprised of four stories of underground parking, two for commercial use, one for retail and the remaining 14 dedicated to residential development. 


Multi-storied schools

A December 11 Architecture Design Review article highlighted the growing trend of multi-level schools. While this structure is common in places such as the United States, it is still a rare sight in Australia. 

However, schools such as St George's Anglican Grammar have taken to the idea, establishing their new premises within a refurbished office block. Others such as Haileybury College have received approval to build new complexes to support urban growth. 

High rise school may become more common in urban areas.
High rise schools may become more common in urban areas.

These type of buildings must take into consideration how children will play and exercise. Implementing plans for these unique structures will require a high level of design skill, but could be a rewarding area for professionals to get involved with. 


177 Pacific Highway

Situated on one of the biggest infrastructure projects, a new 400,000sqm commercial precinct on 177 Pacific Highway would become a new icon in North Sydney.

CBRE Head of Office Services Peter Flint stated that the building has been designed to offer significant benefits to tenant businesses. 

"Every level has raised access flooring, which adds so much flexibility to tenancy design and saves money; the floors are rectilinear with side core; the glazing is floor to ceiling; there's a separate goods lift and loading dock and state of the art end-of-trip facilities," he explained

The retail sections are already open while the 30 story tower is expected to be completed in 2016. 

These three projects showcase the potential of the design and construction industry in Australia and the opportunities available to professionals in this field. 


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