How does public consultation affect construction projects?

Posted by Design & Construct on 22-Jan-2016 14:40:18

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Infrastructure projects have some of the largest number of stakeholders, from people living near the construction site, to local business and industry associations. 

Satisfying everyone's needs and wishes is no easy task, but the feedback can be very valuable to professionals in project management roles and the wider group of workers involved. 

Local children to develop vital planning skills

The introduction of new high school lessons will help connect the young people in NSW to the basics of planning and geography for both urban and regional communities. 

The new scheme will help engage students with their community.
The new scheme will help engage students with their community.

Planning Minister Rob Stokes explained the immense benefits in preparing students to become active participants in their region. 

"The lessons will encourage young people to be aware of and understand the natural and built environments in which they live, and give them the knowledge and skills to play an active and positive role in their communities both now and in the future," he said.

"I encourage schools to get involved and make use of the fantastic resources that will be available next year."

Participating students will have the chance to look at real planning challenges and learn an inquiry-based approach, creating a brighter future for design and construction recruitment. 


Getting public feedback in NSW

The NSW Department of Infrastructure has opened the forum to discuss the Grafton correctional centre. Suppliers and contractors will have the chance to bid for the project, creating new opportunities for construction recruitment. Members of the community can attend two public evenings to discuss the prospects and issues surrounding the project. 

Another major ongoing project that is still seeking wider input and opinions is the Western Sydney infrastructure plan.

The government has opened a special portal to gather public opinions.

While construction work is already underway, many key projects are still in the planning stage, including the proposed airport at Badgerys Creek and various road and rail packages. The government has called on local councils to put forward plans for road funding in their area, creating new prospects for local engineers to contribute to this stage. 


In order to best collect feedback, the government has opened a special portal for residents, businesses and organisations in the region to share their suggestions. 

In order to make the most of public feedback, firms need personnel with strong communication and analytical skills. If you need assistance finding the best talent for the job, get in touch with Design and Construct today.