How the Recruitment Agency Process Works

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How the Recruitment Agency Process Works

How the Recruitment Agency Process Works

Every day at work should feel like a party.  

You know that the recruitment process has two basic functions:

  1. Connect employers with quality employees

  2. Connect jobseekers with quality employers


If you're a business owner, manager or HR professional you know that the recruitment and hiring process is much more complex.

And if you've been seeking a specific job in the last five years you know the job market has been difficult throughout the world.

At Design & Construct, it's our job to connect employers and jobseekers. Our experience has given us knowledge into successful relationships for both employers and employees.

If you're considering a recruitment agency, but need more information on how the process works we'd like to take you through an overview of how our process works at Design & Construct.

With years of experience in connecting the best people in the design and construction industry we know you'll find value in partnering with a recruiting agency.




Overview: Recruitment Agency Process


Successful recruiting involves the marriage of psychology and data.

The challenge for a recruiter is to find people that have matching values. Over the years, we've found that if an employer and employee have consistent values they are much more likely to flourish and remain happy in work and in life.

Recruiters have an understanding of the motivations of both employers and employees and really it comes down to knowing that similar things in life drive people.

For example, people are generally driven to provide a stable life for themselves and their family. This is true whether you work in an office or work on the crew constructing a skyscraper. Stability does include making a certain living wage, but it includes much more.

People also look for challenges and growth in life. Our work is important to us in the sense that reaching goals and finding problems to challenges gives us satisfaction. Achieving results gives us pride for ourselves and for those we care about.

Growth, both personal and professional, is other important aspects of motivation. People look to the future and want to know they can grow as a person both in their personal and professional lives.

When it comes to matching companies with jobseekers we often look at how companies compensate employees with more than just salary. By offering the opportunity for professional growth the company can find itself a target for the best employees in a particular industry.

Companies that offer personal growth generally have an advantage as well. This could mean giving employees time off for family occasions or by providing more flexible work schedules that allow employees time to connect with family and friends.

As you can see, a lot goes into the process and there is even more for both employers and jobseekers.



For Employers

Employers often seek out help from recruiting agencies for the main reason of not being able to find employees that work out in the long run.

No company starts out with the intention to hire someone that isn't right for the job. Everyone has good intensions, but most companies often don't have a complete understanding of the hiring process. They have expertise in their industry and even in the type of people they want to hire.

Where an agency can help is by bringing hiring experience and sees what works and what doesn't for other companies.

For a single company, they only have their own experience to work from whereas an agency has worked with numerous companies in similar settings giving the agency the knowledge necessary to find the right people for each position.

But that's not the only advantage an agency brings to employers. The entire process saves the employer time. Here's how it works.

The first step is for the agency to learn exactly what you need. You define the position as determined by your internal needs. It could include looking at outside competitors or companies in complementary industries that might have had success with similar positions.

Second, the agency digs in to learn as much as they can about your company. This is a long-term investment opportunity for the agency. They want to learn as much as they can about your business model and your company culture because success in hiring leads to long-term business relationships.

The next step is where the agency gets to work and you focus back on your business. The agency will use its resources to find the right person for the position.

This includes the usual ad placements, but it also includes headhunting since the best people in any industry are usually employed already.

The agency does all the work at this point. They qualify each potential lead before making contact. Then after doing the initial research they meet with the candidates to add another level of qualification before creating a short list of candidates.

Once the short list is ready to go you come back into the fold with a group of candidates ideally suited for your situation. You make the final decision saving time and effort during the early stages of the hiring process.

The best agencies will also offer a risk-free setup where the employee must stay with your team for a year. This means the candidate will be replaced free of charge if they leave on their own accord or if you are forced to let them go for whatever reason.

This guarantee is a way for you to qualify the recruiting agency and know that their interests are aligned with yours. When the employee and your business succeed they succeed. That's the ideal formula.



For Jobseekers

The job landscape has changed much over the last five years.

No matter where you are in the world the idea of finding a new job has become more daunting. The perception is that jobs are scarce and it's best to hold on to what you have rather than looking for something that might be a better fit.

At Design & Construct, we've found that demand has never been high for talented workers in the design and construction industry.

Companies are seeking talented individuals for all levels of employee. These companies know that it is the people within a company that really make the business successful.

Even though there are companies seeking talent just like you it can still feel daunting to take on the task of finding a new place to work. It involves lots of work and an ideal company might not be listing an opening when you're looking on job boards and company websites.

This is where a recruiting agency provides value for jobseekers.

Agencies have a database of companies and jobseekers. If you're looking for a company the agency will already know those that are looking for employees.

We can't speak for all agencies, but at Design & Construct we take jobseekers through a process of salary expectations, testing and guidance. We not only seek to find you're the perfect company, but we provide you with guidance for interviews and initial meetings.

The best agencies will provide this service because they want to make sure you're put in the best chance to succeed. This ensures the agency has a long-term relationship with you and the company that hires you. If it's in the best interest of the agency to deliver this outcome you know you're in a good position to succeed yourself.



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Final Tips

It's always a good idea to qualify the agency you're working with on recruitment.

Look for an agency that has the following credentials:

  • Industry-specific experience
  • Recruiting foundation and association accreditations
  • Results and proof of success

Hiring new employees is a big investment for a company. You're not simply taking on the additional salary of the employee. You're taking on all the related benefits and any training that might occur in the initial stages of employee.

You're also taking on someone that you're going to care about and someone that will connect with your culture. You want them to stick around a long time as a happy member of your team.

That's what jobseekers are looking for as well. You want to work for a company that provides stability, fair compensation and a culture that fits with your core values. This is the situation that leads to a fulfilling professional life and a happy personal life as well. When you're happy with your job you're much more likely to go home each night with a smile.

The recruiting process will save both employers and jobseekers time, which is the most important element of a job search. It can take some time to find the perfect connection on your own.

An agency has the connections already established and they do the work necessary to make sure you're looking at only the best options. The final decision remains yours, but a guarantee is attached.


At Design & Construct, we offer a 12-month candidate guarantee where we will provide candidate replacement. We also work with the best candidates in the design and construction industry.

If you're a company seeking top-level candidates please visit our Employers page.



If you're looking for a better position please visit our Jobseekers page.

You deserve better. Contact us today and let us find the perfect situation.

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