How To Build The Skills To Become A Construction Project Manager

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A successful construction project manager will be well-educated in their profession, but education alone is not enough. There are many occurrences and challenges that can arise on the jobsite that the classroom simply cannot account for.

Therefore, in addition to schooling, real-life work experience is a necessary and valuable asset for those who want to build their skills to become a project manger.

The following areas should also be given attention.

Project Management

Project management involves the handling of finances and a budget. Managers need to know what types of equipment to acquire, and how to allocate their budget to complete projects.

Project managers also need to coordinate and oversee projects, mitigate potential risks and safety hazards, and be able to delegate tasks. The ability to think big-picture is a must.

Skills And Knowledge

Hopeful project managers need to have an in-depth knowledge of the construction industry, which can be gained through education and work experience.

They need to have good decision-making and interpersonal skills as well. For unifying and guiding a team, good communications skills are a necessity.

Additionally, device use is becoming all the more common in the construction industry, and project managers should know how to use various apps and mobile devices to organize and manage their work.

Personal Attributes

How To Build The Skills To Become A Construction Project Manager

Beyond the world of skills and knowledge, there are personal qualities aspiring project managers should work to cultivate.

Enthusiasm is a particularly important trait, as workers will often look to the project manager for direction and support. A good attitude will keep the workers motivated and in good spirits.

Project managers also need to develop their leadership in order to provide direction and guidance to workers onsite. They need to know how to work with people.


For project manager candidates, there is no substitute for real-world experience. Knowledge can be found in the classroom and in books, but the managing of projects cannot be learned from theory alone.

A balanced approach can help aspirants build the skills they need. Counsel and direction from those with experience can also be of immense benefit.

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