How To Create A Great Company Page On LinkedIn

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LinkedIn is a great place to create an online presence as a company. This professional social networking site is among one of the most used sites of its kind.

Creating a great company page will take a bit of upfront effort, but once the content on your page is populated, it is simply a matter of posting frequent updates and revising your content as necessary.

Here is how to create a great company page on LinkedIn.


Use An Attractive Cover Image

If your company has other social profiles, you may want to consider using a new cover image for your LinkedIn company page. You should still display your branding or logo prominently, but it's a good idea to make the offering  on your LinkedIn page a little different than your other pages.

Most importantly, use an attractive cover image that draws people in. You can use the image to talk about what your company does, encourage use of a #hashtag, or even provide some key statistics.


Use Keywords In Your Content

Optimizing and using relevant keywords on your company page should prove effective in attracting industry people to your page.


Update Regularly

As with most social platforms, posting updates on a regular basis does have its advantages.

Of course, there is a healthy balance you should try to maintain. If you post too infrequently, people will assume that either your company folded or that you haven't done anything new in a long time. Posting too often could irritate the users that follow you.

In addition, it's a good idea to revisit and update the various pages on your company page from time to time.


Flesh Out Your Products And Services Page

It's important to present well on your Products & Services page. An attractive looking page will draw people in, and you will generate more interest in your company.


Create A Call To Action

Your Products & Services page is a good place to create a call to action. Should readers become excited about your offerings, you can direct them where to go next. Perhaps you could ask them to subscribe to your mailing list or download a free resource.


Create A LinkedIn Group

How To Create A Great Company Page On LinkedInGroups are great places to facilitate discussions with your customers and followers on LinkedIn.

Regardless of the industry, there are groups where discussions are taking place on relevant topics. Establishing your own group enables you to create authority within your industry.


Add A LinkedIn Button To Your Website

It's important to make your website visitors aware that you have a LinkedIn company page. By adding a button (or multiple buttons) to your website, you can drive more traffic to your company page.


Use Insights To Track Your Results

LinkedIn insights provides you with exhaustive data concerning your visitors and followers as well as how well your posts are engaging.

This data can be used to make tweaks to your strategy. If your posts aren't engaging, you could try presenting them differently. You could try posting different content too.


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