How To Create An Amazing Personal LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn is one of the most popular social networking sites on the internet. The platform enables you to connect with a variety of people. You can even use it to help with your job search.

Creating a great profile is about more than just filling out forms. It's about engaging the reader and drawing them in to want to learn more about you.

Here are several steps to help you create an amazing LinkedIn profile.


Determine Your Goals

Before you do anything else, it's important to consider what you would like to achieve with your LinkedIn profile.

Think about what others need to know about you, and what kind of impression you would like to leave them with.

Think about the kind of people you want to attract to your profile and the kind of job offers you would like to receive.


Focus Your Profile

Think about the kind of people you want to attract to your profile and generate your content accordingly.

Some people will view your profile regardless of whether they are interested in you or what you do. However, by narrowing your focus, you can target your audience more effectively.


Make A Detailed Profile

A good profile is one that is fleshed out and detailed. Filling out every piece of information on your profile can feel a little daunting at first, but it is worth doing.

Remember to keep your focus. If you grow weary of working on your profile, step away for a bit and come back to it later.


Define Your Expertise

Put it into terms others will understand. They may not use exactly the same language you would to describe your work, so take some time to think about how you can structure your phrases and sentences so others will come away with a clear picture of your experience.


Cater Your Content For The Reader

One of the most important things to do with your profile is to pique the interest of the reader. In other words, make them want to read more.

Though it's important to remain professional on your LinkedIn profile, if it's not interesting, it won't get read.



Once you've finished populating your profile, don't forget to proofread it and edit it. Correct spelling and grammatical errors. Trim unnecessary verbiage. Keep editing until you have a detailed but tight focus.

Attention to detail is a highly desired quality in a job seeker.


Use A High Quality Picture

How To Create An Amazing Personal LinkedIn ProfileBecause LinkedIn is a professional network, you should consider using a professional photographer for your profile photo. Don't just use a smartphone picture or an Instagram image, as this will come across as unprofessional.


Customise Your Public Profile URL

By default, your LinkedIn profile URL is comprised of random alphanumerical characters. You can make your profile more discoverable by customising your profile URL.

This would also allow you to put your LinkedIn URL on print materials or business cards. You can enable others to be able to go directly to your profile page without having to search for you.


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