How To Create Qualifiers For Your Hiring Process

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Your hiring process will prove much simpler if you create qualifiers for the candidates you bring through the interview process.

If you know what you're looking for at each stage of the process, you will be able to eliminate unqualified applicants sooner, and you will be able to find the right people for the job more efficiently.

Here are some qualifying questions you could ask yourself as you go through the process. You can also use these as examples to create your own.


Did The Candidate Submit Their Resume And Cover Letter?

First and foremost, did the candidate submit their resume and a cover letter in the format you requested it? If so, here are some other qualifying questions to consider at this stage.

Is the applicant's objective clearly stated in their cover letter? If not, did they summarise it in their resume?

Did the prospective employee customise their resume and cover letter?  Did they make it applicable to the position they are applying for?

Did the applicant format their resume and cover letter correctly? Did they give careful attention to detail, and did they make it easy to read?

Did the candidate read the job description or ad and include relevant keywords in their resume and cover letter?

Did the applicant include summaries for each of their positions and what they accomplished in them? If they had any gaps in employment, did they provide an explanation?


Did The Candidate Screen Well On The Phone?

If a candidate's resume lives up to your standards, take some time to telephone screen them, and find out if you want to get together for an in-person interview with them. Here are several qualifying questions you might ask yourself after the phone call.

Was the candidate able to articulate their work history? Do they have relevant work experience in the field?

Was the applicant clear about what interested them about their work? Did they seem passionate about what they do?

Did the candidate highlight any skills that would prove valuable to the position?

Was the prospective employee able to express what appealed to them about your company? Did they have relevant answers?


Did The Candidate Present Well At The Interview?

How To Create Qualifiers For Your Hiring ProcessAny candidate that passes the telephone screen test should be brought in for an in-person interview. By this point, you should have narrowed your search considerably. Here are some qualifiers you could create at this stage.

Did the candidate present well? Did they dress appropriately for the interview, and did they give satisfactory answers to your questions?

Did the candidate seem confident? Did their body language and eye contact show that they were comfortable in the interview?

Did the applicant demonstrate fit? Do you think that they demonstrated a high level of compatibility with your company?



Of course, there are many other questions you could ask, and many other qualifiers you could put into place. Think about what is most important to you, and what you are looking for in an applicant, and create qualifiers that best suit your needs.

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