How To Find Your Dream Job With Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Design & Construct on 18-Nov-2014 09:00:08

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Though it may not be wise to put all of your eggs in one basket when it comes to finding a job, social media can certainly aid in the process.

If you are looking to find your dream job with the help of LinkedIn, don't forget to create a great profile. The effort you put into it will have an effect on how useful of a tool it can be for you.

Here are several tips on how to use your LinkedIn profile effectively.

Write A Concise, Detailed Career Summary

Your career summary should be more than the mere listing of your credentials and accomplishments. Though you should definitely highlight your achievements and quantify them when possible, you should also think about making your career summary engaging.

Tell a story with your summary, and don't forget to use keywords and terms or phrases that you might find in job descriptions that appeal to you.

Populate The Experience Section

The experience section is essentially where you can create your own online resume. Though it's always a good idea to list your current employment, it's also worthwhile to make note of any of the other key roles that have helped you to build your career thus far.

List Your Skills & Expertise

Listing your skills and expertise does not take a lot of time or effort. It is also a great way to let potential employers know what you can do. Your connections are often encouraged to "endorse" your skills whenever they visit LinkedIn, which means that, over time, rankings of each of your skills will reflect the public's perception of what you're actually good at.

However, make sure to be truthful with your selections. People will not endorse you for skills that they don't think you are actually good at. You also don't have anything to gain from being hired for an inaccurate portrayal of your abilities.

Get Recommendations

Recommendations say a lot about who you are and your work ethic. If a recruiter is looking for someone to hire on LinkedIn, they will definitely be reading what others have said about you.

Recommendations not only appear on your profile, but they also on the profiles of the people who have written them. What this means is that you will have a greater chance of being seen by more recruiters if others have recommended you.

Build Connections

How To Find Your Dream Job With Your LinkedIn ProfileWhen it comes to finding a job, you never know what connections might prove useful over the long haul.

For example, you may have friends that could refer you to a company that is looking to fill a position. Or, maybe you can find contacts through your friends that already work at the company you one day hope to work for.

Though it isn't necessary to build up your connections aggressively, it's good to add new ones regularly.


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Customise Your Profile URL

Customising your profile URL will help recruiters and employers who are trying to find you on LinkedIn. By default, profile URLs are made up of random alphanumeric characters. If you create a LinkedIn profile address that's more relevant (your name, for example) and easy to remember, there is less chance that someone will misplace your pag.

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