How To Format Your Resume So Recruiters Will Pay Attention

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Recruiters aren't necessarily looking for anything out of the ordinary on a resume. As long as it has been formatted correctly, your chances of getting a call back will improve drastically.

Remember to keep your resume simple. Most recruiters prefer a traditional, professional approach to the application process. There is usually very little need to incorporate creative elements on your resume.

Standing out among many others may seem like a challenge, but here are several simple tips you can use to format your resume to get it noticed by recruiters.


Put Your Contact Information Towards The Top

Your contact information needs to be somewhere that can be easily found, which usually means towards the top of the page (but not the header).

When an employer has looked over your resume and they want to get in touch with you, if they aren't able to find your contact information quickly, unfortunately, you may not get a call back. Remember to include it at the top of the document.


Use Keywords From The Job Description

Your resume will seem much more professional and organised if you include keywords from the job description. It will also demonstrate that you've taken the time to cater your resume to the specific job you are applying to. This denotes attention to detail, an important quality recruiters are often looking for in the people they hire.

Resumes that do not contain relevant keywords may be set aside rather quickly. Make sure to prioritise important terms on your resume and show that you did your homework.


Use Standard Fonts

Standard word processor and web fonts (rather than non-standard fonts) should be used on your resume. Moreover, consider standardizing your entire document with the same font (even headings). Your resume will look much tighter and more organised, and it will make it easier for machines to scan too.

For example, Arial, Times New Roman, Calibri, Tahoma and Verdana are all common fonts that should be safe for use.


Use White Space

The use of white space will make your resume more readable. Don't worry about leaving a little bit of extra space between paragraphs or elements, as it will only make your document clearer and more focused.

Employers who look over resumes have to read and scan dozens, if not hundreds of documents. After a while, they may grow tired of reading. White space gives their eyes a bit of a break.


Avoid Abbreviations

How To Format Your Resume So Recruiters Will Pay AttentionResumes are often machine-scanned these days. What this means is that, in addition to scanning for keywords, they won't necessarily register or recognise abbreviations and acronyms.

This is simply a matter of avoiding abbreviation use. Make sure to spell out each word on your resume fully.


Spell-Check Your Resume

Don't forget to check your resume for any spelling or grammatical errors. Proofread it, and don't spare any effort in trimming and editing your document.

Ensure that your resume is succinct and concise. Don't fill it with unnecessary words and verbiage, and try to tighten the overall focus of the document.

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