Infrastructure funding to provide a boost for engineering workers

Posted by Design & Construct on 23-Dec-2015 08:43:27

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Throughout the year, many organisations have been discussing the challenges of Australia's growing population. While having more people in the country is good for economic and social growth, there remains the issues of how to support the extra citizens.

According to Infrastructure Australia, the population will increase from 22.3 million in 2011 to 30.5 million in 2031, much of which will be centred around urban areas, pushing the need for more buildings and facilities.

However, as the season turns especially festive in Australia, various state governments are giving the gift of infrastructure to their local communities. Not only will new roads, hospitals and schools support the growing population, initiatives will create good prospects for engineering jobs.

Queensland government to give boost to local communities

Christmas came early for the regions of Queensland as the state government portioned out funding for 2016.

Queensland is set to see a boost in infrastructure projects.
Queensland is set to see a boost in infrastructure projects.

Out of the six regions that received investment, the south-west, Bundaberg and the Burnett region and far north Queensland were allocated over $10 million. The latter region will receive $23 million for a number of notable ventures such as sewerage upgrades, new airports and bridge repairs.

Overall, investment from a number of parties will create a number of new construction job opportunities as Minister for State Development Anthony Lynham explained. 

"Statewide, the government's $70 million contribution is attracting a further $159 million investment from council and other organisations," he said.

"Regional communities are the backbone of our economy, and Building our Regions projects will deliver almost 700 jobs in this first round, as well the flow-on economic development."

ACT prepares new strategy for infrastructure

In the ACT, the local government has committed a whopping $2.8 billion over the next four years to support growth in Canberra.

The ACT government has committed a whopping $2.8 billion for Canberra infrastructure.

Vital work to combat the effect of the asbestos infection outbreak "Mr Fluffy" was a key focus of the funding, with the government to buy back the 964 houses for safe demolition. Other initiatives include the Majura Parkway, the light railway and various school and hospital projects.

This activity is expected to provide an immense boost to engineering jobs and other personnel involved in the sector. Big projects are expected to attract plenty of interest and investment from outside the state, reducing the need for heavy government support and diversifying the economy.

Skilled engineers are always in hot demand when it comes to improving infrastructure. Speak to Design and Construct if you are ready to access these new opportunities.