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The jobs market is looking good at present, according to the latest figures released by the Australian Department of Employment. The Internet Vacancy Index (IVI) report, found that the number of skilled job openings increased by 0.9% to 169,599 in June after seasonal adjustments, leaving the level of vacancies up by an impressive 11.0% from the previous year. The monthly IVI is based on a count of online job advertisements newly lodged on SEEK, CareerOne and Australian JobSearch during the month.

Annual change in job advertisements

Job advertisements rose in six of eight occupational groups. The strongest growth was recorded for Machinery Operators and Drivers, up by 29.0%. Also evident was Australia's economic shift towards the service industry and residential construction, with all states and territories, apart from Western Australia, seeing a rise in job vacancies, with an increase from the previous year.

Over the year to June 2016, the largest increases in job advertisements at a more detailed occupational level were recorded: for general-inquiry clerks; call centre workers and receptionists; carers; aides; medical practitioners; nurses; sales Assistants and Salespersons. Over the year to June 2016, job advertisements increased for all skill levels. The strongest rise was recorded for skill level 5 (commensurate with a Certificate I or Secondary Education, up by 13.6%).

Regional vacancies

Over the year to June 2016, job advertisements increased in 33 of the 37 IVI regions, with the strongest growth recorded for: Southern Highlands & Snowy NSW (up by 44.4%), Gippsland VIC (38.8%), Bendigo & High Country VIC (35.8%), and NSW North Coast (31.9%). The only falls were recorded in Perth (down by 14.0%), North West Tasmania (9.2%), Central Queensland (4.4%) and Far North Queensland (3.2%).

Though the vast majority of job postings are now placed online in Australia, the IVI does not capture vacancies that originate from sources such as employer websites, word of mouth and newspapers. It also does not take into account multiple positions being advertised for a single job vacancy, nor does it break down vacancies by full time or part time position. 

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