King Georges Road interchange upgrade to start early

Posted by Design & Construct on 26-May-2015 01:28:15

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As Sydney's population, particularly in the western suburbs, continues to grow, new infrastructure is in desperate need.

With the WestConnex project entering its second stage, the NSW government has confirmed that the King Georges Road interchange upgrade will be brought forward to link to the newly widened M5.

In addition to providing more than 100 jobs during construction over the coming months and years, all motorists stand to benefit from this decision.

The WestConnex should fix congestion in Western Sydney.
The WestConnex should help to fix congestion in Western Sydney.

Minister for Roads, Maritime and Freight Duncan Gay explained the need for this new interchange infrastructure.

"Of the 100,000 motorists that sit on the M5 every day, more than 40,000 get stuck waiting at King Georges Road interchange - the upgrade will cut travel times at this intersection alone by up to 50 per cent," he said in a May 15 media statement.

What does the construction work include?

According to the NSW government, construction teams will be busy both widening and extending the eastbound on ramp and westbound off ramps between King Georges Road and the M5 East. It's hoped that building a longer on ramp will means motorists join the motorway faster and ease traffic congestion which is a problem at King Georges Road.

"Thanks to the Australian Government's concessional loan of up to $2 billion, this vital upgrade is being delivered for the benefit of motorists sooner"

The next step for construction teams is a new M5, including a tunnel from Beverly Hills to St Peters.

Federal Assistant Minister for Infrastructure Jamie Briggs said the federal government understands the need for this infrastructure and is committed to working closely with project leaders.

"Thanks to the Australian Government's concessional loan of up to $2 billion, this vital upgrade is being delivered for the benefit of motorists sooner," he stated.

Tips for candidates

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