Light rail projects in the pipeline across Australia

Posted by Design & Construct on 12-Jan-2016 08:44:51

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Across the country, light rail has been capturing plenty of attention from the public and organisations alike. As more projects advance across the country, how will this transportation affect recruitment in the design and construction industry? 

Sydney plans gain steam

Work in the CBD is now underway for the expansive Sydney Metro light rail project.

Minister for Transport and Infrastructure Andrew Constance stated that completing the work during the quieter January period was ideal, and commended the public for their co-operation.

"Commuters have done an outstanding job adjusting to the changes in the CBD and we're encouraging them to keep it up - continue to plan your journeys and be mindful of the changed traffic conditions," he said. 

Light rail will bring many benefits to CBD commuters.
Light rail will bring many benefits to CBD commuters.

The work shows the momentum of the project, and with further work planned, there are bound to be plenty of opportunities for construction recruitment heading forward.

This was supported by the federal government's recent announcement of a new station to be built in Waterloo, the 31st to be added to the line. 

As Minister for Social Housing Brad Hazzard explained, the new station will add immense social benefit to the area, as well as creating new job prospects.

"The metro station will transform the Waterloo housing estate for the better, building a dynamic community with better amenity, better homes, better facilities, fantastic transport and more jobs," he stated. 

Light rail is an important way to spur urban growth.

Light rail could deliver great benefit in Queensland

The NSW capital isn't the only area that could benefit from this form of public, as shown in a report from the Sunshine Coast council.

As the organisation stated, light rail is an important way to spur growth and prosperity in urban areas. It is also a good way to see increased investment which contributes to economic growth. 

Another similar project regarding light rail recently gained an award from the Planning Institute of Australia. The Light Rail Corridor by City of Gold Coast took out a planning excellence award for 2015 at the recent awards ceremony. This particular area has immense potential for project management recruitment, as these plans and strategies will need strong leaders to see success.

Light rail can offer many benefits to urban areas, and the continual interest in this infrastructure is likely to hold for the next few years. Speak to Design and Construct today if you are ready to find the workers needed to shape these initiatives.