Megatrends in technological advancement

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Digitally enabling AustraliaA ground-breaking report commissioned by the Australian Government paints a bright future where Australians will work side by side with machines in jobs, which today only exist in our imagination.

The Commonwealth Scientific Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) report, “Tomorrow's Digitally Enabled Workforce”, looked into many trends and scenarios for jobs and employment in Australia over the next twenty years. The report illustrated ways in which certain jobs will become automated and how technological change will benefit others while creating a number of new jobs and opportunities for those willing to re-train. The report focussed upon the possible challenges workers may face in the future and looked at the needs of a digitally skilled work force.

As we move into the future, a huge technological shift is expected for the workforce of Australia and the report highlights jobs and industries that will be most affected by the rise of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics.

Minister for Employment, Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash said, “Some jobs will inevitably become automated over the coming years but technological change will improve others and also create new jobs and opportunities”. Senator Cash went onto say that the future wouldn't' be about people competing with machines, it would be about people using machines and doing work that is more interesting and fulfilling.

The report also identified a combination of six megatrends for Australia's workforce over the coming 20 years as a consequence of a technological advancement.

  • Advancement in automated systems and improved productivity due to artificial intelligence
  • Digital technology and the changing employment market
  • More self-employed and free-lance workers
  • The ageing population and the growth of life expectancy
  • Higher skills will be required for entry-level positions
  • Employment growth in education and healthcare

Minister Cash added that acknowledgement of the changing nature of work is needed and that strategic investment in skills and training would be key in helping workers make the transition to new jobs.

The perfect work from home job?

CSIRO's report explored a variety of new jobs created as a result of automation and the increased use of technology. Machines will need humans to guide them and ensure that they perform tasks efficiently, this is hoped to create controllers who can work online or from home.


Other future jobs explored in the report include:

  • Specialised Big Data Analysts: with the ever increasing demand for data, security and automated machines, this role is sure to be in demand.
  • Complex Decision Support Analysts: making complex decisions, based on the analysis of information will be crucial to the businesses of the future.
  • Remote Controlled Vehicle Operators: this will open up opportunities for specialists.
  • Customer Experience Experts: online purchasing is the future. Stores will become large warehouses to store goods, which then will be delivered by drones, so retail and logistics experts will be needed.
  • Personalised Preventative Health Helpers: everyone is expected to have his or hers own holistic helper, to help improve health and enhance lifestyle.
  • Online Chaperones: the new small business security consultant, offering online risk assessment and fraud prevention.


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