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Strong growth in employment continues across Australia

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) reported an increase in employment of 2.5% in November 2015 compared to the same time last year. "The trend shows that around 293,000 more people were employed in November 2015 than in November 2014”, said Bruce Hockman, General Manager of ABS's Macroeconomic Statistics Division.

More jobs on the way in Victoria

Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has approved the Sunshine Activity Centre Zone in Melbourne. The 19 hectare development will expand upon Sunshine's existing town and is expected to receive more than $1 billion in investments and create hundreds of new jobs. This prime shopping and industry centre will also benefit from regional rail link upgrades to Sunshine Railway Station; meaning quicker travel across Victoria. Minister for Planning Richard Wynne said “Sunshine is only 13 kilometres from the CBD. We're going to make it an industry centre where people can live close to their job, raise a family and have good options for housing.”

“We're sending a message that Sunshine is ripe for investment and growth, and that liveable communities for Victorians through smart development is the number one priority.”

In Victoria alone an additional 14,500 full time jobs were created during November 2015 , contributing handsomely to the overall increase of 91,600 full time and part time jobs nationally. “This is the second highest annual increase in Australia and further proof that Victoria's economy and business conditions are both surging” Treasurer Tim Pallas said today.

Continued Biotech investment will also create new jobs in Victoria

The Australian Government have announced that for a second year running Victoria will host Australia's largest biotech conference in 2016. The prestigious International Biotechnology Symposium will be held in Melbourne and hopes to create opportunities throughout the industry by encouraging companies to launch their new products and processes.

Victoria is also home to hundreds of major research facilities, companies and universities who already provide permanent employment opportunities for many thousands of its residents. With estimated generated revenues of more than $10 billion, Victoria has firmly established itself as a major player within the biotech industry.

The conference is also expected to attract scientists, engineers, business leaders and government officials from all over the world, aiming to encourage future investments which in turn will create even more jobs within the industry.


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