New Construction Apps To Provide Inspiration For Your Company's App

Posted by Design & Construct on 27-Oct-2014 09:00:40

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Even in the design and construction world, it's becoming less abnormal to see mobile devices on the job site. Thanks to tablets and smartphones, workers are able to view documents, use apps and manage a variety of different tasks on the fly. Because of these new technological advancements, their productivity and efficiency is also increasing.

Not surprisingly, there are a growing number of construction, development and design-related apps being pushed to the market. Let's take a look at a few different options that are available to the industry at large. Perhaps they will provide inspiration for your company's next app as well.

Aconex Mobile

The Aconex app is a streamlined online collaboration platform for construction and engineering projects. With the Aconex app, media like photos, videos and audio can be captured onsite. Project documents and mail can be viewed and managed within the app, and project information can also be modified offline and synced later.

The app also features a search function that enables you to find documents and project mail quickly.


PlanGrid is a free iPad collaboration app that allows contractors and architects to view project plans, specs and photos. Additionally, PDF drawings can be uploaded to, and they will automatically sync to all team devices. Drawings can then be marked up with PlanGrid's robust annotation features.

Their end-to-end encryption keeps project plans safe, and you can also work online or offline, as the app automatically syncs documents and markups.


New Construction Apps To Provide Inspiration For Your Company's AppBuildCalc is an app for the iPhone and Android, and has been voted one of the best construction calculators for both operating systems.

Its functionality includes an advanced baluster function for railing and staircases, an advanced stair function with dimensioned drawings of Stringer installation and finished staircase, a fence function that will calculate the number of posts, rails, pickets or panels required for a project, and more.

Drawings can be emailed from the app so they can be printed or shared later.


The ability to share relevant project documents, the ability to work online or offline, and the ability to sync team devices appear to be some of the most important and needed functions for industry apps.

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